HouseValues Checklist

It’s important to complete the steps below to make the most of your HouseValues experience. 

  1. Login 
  2. Upload your profile picture and logo 
  3. Edit email signature 
  4. Select your MLS feed 
  5. Submit MLS Paperwork 
  6. Select MLS Agent and Office IDs 
  7. Take the welcome tour 
  8. Review account settings 
  9. Review activity alerts 
  10. Download the Market Leader app
  11. Attend your onboarding call 
  12. Import or sync contacts from Google or Office 365. Have leads from other sources? Utilize Lead Stream to manage all your leads in one place. 
  13. See the full HouseValues lead experience. 
  14. Watch this video to understand best practices on working with online leads 

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