Contact Types

There is a variety of contact types you can use to label contacts in your system, organize and manage your database, and target your marketing. These types are an indication of the contact's motivation or relationship with you.

Contact Type



This is the default type for new contacts that register on any page of your website, except for the Sell page. Once you engage with them, you can determine whether they might be a buyer, seller, or both.


This is a contact that is looking to buy a home. Contacts looking at homes on third-party websites (e.g. Zillow, may come into your system as this type.


This is the default type for new contacts that register the Sell page of your website. This may also be the default type for seller leads that come from third-party sources (e.g. Trulia, Listings-To-Leads).


This type is for contacts that are looking to both buy and sell a home.


Contacts with this type are looking to rent or lease a property.


Not a typical buyer or seller, this type indicates an investor.

Past Client

For contacts that you've sold, use this type to label past clients so you can stay engaged with them and foster referrals.


This is for contacts in your system that are real estate agents (e.g. potential recruits or referral agents).


Contacts with this type are vendors in your network (e.g. painters, inspectors, lenders, etc.)

Personal Contact

These are personal contacts, not necessarily potential or past clients. This is also the default type for contacts that you sync from your Google Contacts.


If a contact doesn't fit into any other type, then you can use other. Just be sure to make a note in their history to indicate what relationship they have with you.

You can automate your marketing by setting up default group assignments for specific contact types. In other words, you can automatically assign new contacts to groups based on their type when they come into your system. Then they will be automatically added to any marketing campaigns associated with that group. Learn more

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