Activate Zillow Tech Connect for your Market Leader System

Log into your Zillow account by clicking Sign in at the top of the website.

Enter your login information and click Sign in.

Once you've signed in, click on Agent Hub.

Next, click Account.

Click on Connect to My CRM.

Click on Add a Partner.

When you are in Add a Tech Connect Partner, expand the drop down to find the type of account you want to connect. Please select from KW eEdgeMarket Leader, or NRT inTouch.

Next, you will have to add the Partner ID. The Partner ID is the same as your Market Leader CRM email address:

To find your CRM email address to connect to Zillow Tech Connect:

Why are some leads not transferring?

Some leads from Zillow are not sent via Tech Connect to your system. These include: manually generated contacts, phone contacts and contacts from your Premier Agent Website.

 Note: If you previously had your Market Leader email address set up to receive leads and wish to get your notifications elsewhere, please update that in Profile Settings.

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