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Add Contact Notes

You can add notes to a contact to keep track of important information relating to that contact, or quickly and easily remind yourself of what you may have spoken or emailed about. You can add a note to history from the All Contacts section of your system, or from a specific contact record.

Add a Note from All Contacts

The easiest way to add a note to history is from the All Contact section. Simply find the contact, then click the More link, and select Add Note to History.

Now you can enter your note, when you're finished, click Post.

You can see your notes in the Activity Feed section of the contact. Simply toggle to My Notes to see all of the notes you've entered on the contact record.

Adding a Note from the Contact Record

When you click on a contact, you can add a note by clicking the Note link above the Contact Engagement Zone section of the contact's dashboard.

When you've finished adding your note, click Save. Now you'll see your note in the contact timeline.

To edit a note, simply click on the note in the timeline, then make your edits and save.

The date and time stamp will not automatically update after your edits. 

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