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Getting Started with Your Marketing Center

You’re ready to start creating marketing materials and drip campaigns, but where do you begin?

Your Marketing Center has a lot of options in two primary categories:

  • Design Library: This is where you’ll head if you want to create both print and email marketing materials.
  • Campaigns: Ready to setup a drip campaign? Start here to learn more about creating campaigns and adding your contacts to the campaigns you create.

Before You Start

Before you get started creating your marketing materials, you’ll want to plan ahead. Ask yourself if you’ll want to email a marketing design or have it printed? If you’re working with a campaign, do you want all of the steps to be email, direct mail, or a mix of both?

1. Design Library

Before you start personalizing a design in the design library, you’ll need to decide if you want to email your design to your contacts, or print it for direct mail or hand delivery.

  • Email: If you personalize and save an email design, you will only be able to email the design to your contacts.
  • Print: If you personalize and save a print design (flyers / greeting cards/ guides / postcards), you will only be able to print the design. You’ll have the choice of our professional print services or desktop print.

2. Campaigns

An easy way to stay in front of your contacts is with the automated drip campaigns in your Marketing Center.

To decide which campaign to use, first ask yourself what kind of message you want to send.  Are you targeting buyers or sellers?  Or past clients?  Identifying your target audience can help you decide which campaign is best.

There are two types of drip campaigns:

  • Interval: There are a specified number of days between each step.
  • Date: Each step will be sent on a specific date.

Choosing a Design

To quickly find available designs, hover over the Marketing tab and select Design Library from the menu. You’ll see thumbnails of all of the available pre-built designs.

The designs in your Marketing Center are optimized for a specific channel, either email or print. What does this mean when choosing a design? It means you'll need to plan ahead on how you want to share your design.

The thought process you'll want to go through as you get ready to choose a design:

  • Do I want to email my design? Then select Email from the Design Templates section.
    An email design cannot be printed
  • Do I want to print my design myself (download a PDF)? Select either Flyer or Postcard from the Design Templates section.
    A print design cannot be emailed
  • Do I want to order professional printing and have the items sent directly to my contacts (direct mail)? Select either Greeting Cards or Postcards from the Design Templates section.
  • Do I want to order professional printing and have the items mailed to me? Select FlyersGreeting CardsGuides, or Postcards from the Design Templates section.
  • Do I want to order professional printing and have the items pre-addressed but mailed to me? Select Postcards from the Design Templates section.

To search for a specific design, you can filter this display by:

  • Type of material: Choose email if you plan on only emailing your design. Choose a print material type (flyers / greeting cards / guides / postcards) to show only those print material options.
  • Listing Enabled Designs Only: Mark this check box to see designs that will auto-fill with your active MLS listing information.
  • Keyword: Enter a keyword, like “property”, to see only designs with that keyword.
  • Collection: Choose a collection to see similarly themed designs.

You can also sort your view by A-Z, Z-A, or by Trending. The trending option will sort your list by newest & recently updated designs, as well as designs that have generated engagement (i.e. opens and clicks).

Choosing a Campaign

To quickly find available campaigns, go to the Marketing tab and select the type of campaign from the Campaign Templates section. You’ll see a list of the pre-built campaigns.

If you select Browse All, you can filter the campaign list by:

  • Delivery Schedule: Choose date or interval to see only those campaigns.
  • Collection: Choose a collection to see similarly themed campaigns.
  • Campaign Title: Enter a partial campaign title, such as “sellers” to see all campaigns with that word in the title.
  • Create Custom Campaign: This option is for advanced users, to create totally custom campaigns from saved marketing designs.

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