Add Your Profile Photo and Agency Logo

To add your profile photo and marketing logo, select My Account from the Account Menu. Then select My Images in the left-side navigation menu.

This is where you’ll upload your professional headshot photo to be used on your agent card widgets and marketing materials, and the logo that will appear on your marketing designs. To add your logo to your website, click here.

  • Profile Photo: This is the profile picture that will be used on your website and your marketing materials.
  • Marketing Logo: Your office or agency logo that will appear on your marketing materials.
We'll optimize/resize your profile photo depending on where it's displayed, however we recommend using a good quality, high resolution image.

To add an image click the Upload Image button, then click Select File to browse and find the photo you want to use. When you're finished, click Upload.

Profile Photo Tips:

  • Keep your headshot simple and on brand, use lots of light, and avoid busy or overly dynamic backgrounds.
  • Use the best equipment possible, and hire a professional if you can. Remember, your headshot is a reflection of your brand.
  • Make sure your headshot is a high quality, high resolution image, so it doesn't look poor on various displays.

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