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SMS Setup Essentials

Here we will cover everything you need to know about SMS Setup within your Market Leader system. We'll dive in to the essentials including what it is, how to use it, and why it's necessary for you to set up to boost your engagement.

SMS setup will be only available to users who currently purchase lead products from our system - this includes Leads Direct, HouseValues, and Network Boost.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete SMS setup in our system, please see the following articles:

Introducing SMS to Your Market Leader System

We are excited to introduce SMS in your Market Leader system, which includes SMS (text message) steps in New Lead Nurture Campaigns. This means that your New Lead Nurture Campaigns for HouseValues, Leads Direct, and Network Boost leads will include automated text messages, providing your new leads with even more opportunities to engage with you.

In addition to automated email steps, eligible leads will begin receiving SMS texts sent by our system on your behalf, just as you are accustomed to with our email nurture. If you are using New Lead Nurture Campaigns and are eager to enhance them with SMS texts, the first step is to complete the SMS setup process, which is detailed below.

What is SMS Setup?

SMS Setup via your system is the process of registering your business entity with carriers. Once you initiate this process by providing us with the required data on the SMS Setup page, we will handle the registration with carriers on your behalf.

Given the complexity of this process involving multiple entities and the significant regulatory changes of the past year, SMS Setup isn't a quick and straightforward task. While we handle all the work for you, please be prepared to wait up to 8-10 weeks at least until the process is successfully completed.

Why Do You Need to Complete SMS Setup to Use Texting in Our Application?

All text messages sent through applications like Market Leader CRM to individual recipients (your CRM Contacts) fall into the category of A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code) messaging. These messages are subject to regulations enforced by major carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and other regulatory bodies like The Campaign Registry (TCR).

A2P 10DLC messaging has industry rules and requirements overseen by carriers and regulatory bodies. These rules exist to ensure that text messages sent from applications to individuals are not spam or contain inappropriate content. Therefore, every business employing this messaging method must validate their SMS traffic by registering directly with carriers, a process integrated into our SMS Setup.

For every Market Leader customer looking to use text messaging within their Nurture Campaigns, completing the SMS Setup process is a necessary step.

What Personal/Business Information Will Be Sent to Carriers and Regulatory Bodies?

To complete your business registration with carriers, we will need to share specific personal and business information with them. This information is necessary for carriers to conduct verification and approve your registration.

For details on the information that will be shared in your particular case, please refer to these articles:

How Will You Know When SMS Setup Is Successfully Completed?

Once we register your business with carriers, you'll be assigned a separate 10DLC number, which resembles a regular mobile phone number in the format (XXX) XXX-XXXX. This number will be used for all A2P messaging within New Leads Nurture Campaigns.

We will attempt to match the area code of this assigned phone number to your own mobile phone number. However, please note that there may be instances where no available numbers match your Agent's specific area code. In such cases, we won't be able to provide a matching area code.

Once we provision this number for you, you'll receive an in-app notification confirming the successful completion of your SMS Setup, along with the 10DLC number you were provided. This indicates that your SMS Setup is finished.

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