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The Journey of a Lead Through the Market Leader System

Not only do we deliver real estate leads, but we also provide the automated nurturing needed to help you turn those leads into lifelong clients.

Wondering what each step of a lead’s journey through the system is like? Let’s dig in.

Lead Delivery

Whether your leads come in from an outside lead source or from one of our lead products, all your leads, and their contact info and insights, are delivered directly into our system.

You get an alert that you have a new lead. (Where you receive this alert depends on your Activity Alert settings)

Regardless of whether you make the first outreach, our system will automatically begin nurturing your leads on your behalf!

Let’s walk through everything the system does for each new lead.

Automated Welcome Email

First, a welcome email is sent to the lead, introducing you and providing more details on their search. The welcome email content varies based on lead source, but it always points the lead back to your website so they can browse more listings.

Automated Listing Alerts

An automated listing alert is created based on the lead’s activity and search behavior and sent out twice weekly. Both you and the lead can adjust this frequency at any time, but this ensures the lead is getting relevant information and is consistently driven back to your website.

Automated Nurture

The lead is also put on an automated, multi-channel, nurture campaign designed to generate a response. Each “New Lead Nurture” campaign is customized based on lead source. Once the lead engages (responds or requests information), they’ll be automatically removed from the campaign, and you will receive a Hand Raise task alerting you to follow-up. Remember, all of this engagement is done on your behalf.

Automated Monthly Newsletter

We’re not done yet! All new leads are automatically placed on our Monthly Newsletter Campaign. This is a monthly email from you with market updates and consumer advice that shows off your expertise and allows you to stay top-of-mind beyond the initial engagement phase.

Auto-Nurture in the Activity Feed

We want you to have a complete picture of everything your lead is experiencing, so all of the auto-nurture actions outlined above are captured in the Activity Feed on each Contact’s Detail Page. You can see which emails or texts they’ve opened, clicked, and responded to. That way you can see what is working and adjust as needed.

What’s left for you to do?

Get to know the lead, their interests, and how you can serve their needs. All activity is tracked in each contact record, empowering you to reach out with an informed response.

Providing a personalized follow-up will help you convert more leads into clients!

Stay in Touch

Our Marketing Center offers automated multi-channel campaigns you can utilize for continued outreach to your entire database and to drum up more consistent business.

How To Bring New Leads Into Your Market Leader System Each Month

Lead generation is crucial to your success. The more leads you get, the higher the chances are of getting more clients. With Market Leader, you can get a steady stream of exclusive leads in your area delivered into your Market Leader system every month. But inventory is limited, so check lead availability today!

Check Lead Availability

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