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Lead Routing for Teams Agents

When you have a team, your Market Leader system automatically routes your leads to your team members to ensure full pipelines and productive teams. You can add agents to the lead rotation from either their agent profile or the lead routing dashboard.

To edit your Lead Routing settings, click on the Account button and select Lead Routing from the drop-down menu.

Choose a Lead Routing Method

Here you can select the Lead Routing option that best suits the needs of your team. There are two primary options to choose from: 

Round Robin: This method is selected by default and will equally distribute leads in a round robin fashion to all team members who are included in the rotation (have “Route Leads” checkbox checked and Rotation Status = IN). This option ignores any team member settings for lead source, price range, and zip code.

Best Match: This method gives you more control over which leads go to which agents. You can designate lead source, zip code, and price range settings for each team member, then the leads that best match those settings will get routed to those team members who are included in the rotation (have “Route Leads” checkbox checked and Rotation Status = IN).

Select Lead Sources for Routing

You can select which lead sources you’d like to have included in your teams lead routing. If you choose not to include a lead source in routing, any leads from that source will go directly to you. These settings apply to both routing methods (round robin and best match).

Lead Source



Leads that came from BoldLeads


Leads that came to your website from Facebook

Leads that came from


Leads that came from Homesnap


Leads delivered directly to your system from our seller leads program:

Lead Capture Widget

Leads that came from your Lead Capture Widget on another website

Leads Direct

Leads delivered directly to your system from our buyer leads program: Leads Direct


Leads that came from Listings-to-Leads

Network Boost

Leads delivered directly to your system from our Network Boost program

Leads that came from


Leads that registered on the main domain of your website

Zillow Tech Connect

Leads that came from Zillow Tech Connect


These are your leads from other sources not included in this list


HouseValues is deselected by default. If you currently have a lead subscription, selecting this lead source will route these leads directly to agents.

Define Best Match Lead Routing Settings

When using the best match lead routing option, you can customize which types of leads will go to specific agents.

From the lead routing dashboard, first make sure the best match option is selected. Then, under the Actions column, click Edit for the desired agent.

Now you can add specific settings for the leads this agent will receive:

Lead Sources Serviced by Agent

You can choose which lead sources a particular agent should receive leads from. After clicking Edit, check the boxes for the appropriate leads sources. If you check or uncheck all of the lead sources, the agent will receive leads from any lead source.

Zip Codes Serviced by Agent

If an agent only works in certain areas, you can limit the leads they receive by zip codes or postal codes. After clicking Edit, enter a zip code or postal code, then hit enter (you can repeat this process for multiple zip codes).

For Canadian postal codes, enter only the first three characters.

Price Range

If an agent only works a certain price range, you can enter that here. This will prevent them from receiving leads outside of this range. After clicking Edit, you can enter a minimum, a maximum, or both to establish a desired price range.

The more parameters you add to an agent’s lead routing, the less leads they will get in total. Adding a parameter to one agent does not exclude other agents from receiving leads with that parameter.

Lead Routing Rotation

Route Leads

On your Lead Routing dashboard, there is a column titled Route Leads. Selecting or deselecting the Route Leads checkbox for each agent will move then IN or OUT of the lead routing rotation. In other words, you use this checkbox to turn lead routing on or off for each agent.

Rotation Status

On your Lead Routing dashboard, there is a column titled Rotation Status that tells you whether a team member is currently IN the lead routing rotation (receiving leads) or OUT of the rotation (not receiving leads) and if OUT, what the reason is.

Here are the different statuses you may see and what each of them indicate:




Agent is receiving leads


Agent is not receiving leads


Agent is not receiving leads because their vacation setting is on


Agent is suspended because they didn't log in for 24 hours after getting a new lead


Agent is disabled due to being suspended for a 5th time or because the broker manually disabled them. Agent cannot access the CRM until the broker gives them access again.


Additional Tips


Last Lead Assigned

For best match routing, a lead will go to the eligible agent who has gone the longest amount of time since receiving their last lead.

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