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Create a Hyperlink

Creating links on various pages of your website is a great way to keep consumers engaged with your site. You can also create links in emails you send to your contacts. To create a hyperlink, first determine the link you'd like to use. Then copy the entire website address that displays in your browser (right click, then select Copy).

In your Market Leader system, highlight the text that you want to link and click the link icon.

Paste the website address in the URL field and add the hover text (the text that will display when you hover over the link). For the target, we recommend setting the Target to New Window (this means the link will open in a new window when clicked, rather than leaving your website).

Click OK when you’re finished.

To edit an existing hyperlink, simply highlight your link, and click the Insert/Edit link button. Here you can edit the destination URL, description, or target for your hyperlink.

Once you add an image to your page, simply click on the image, and follow the steps above (the image will be highlighted when clicked). Not sure how to add an image to your website pages? Click Here to learn how.

If you want to link to an email URL (for example, a 'Contact Me' link that opens up an email to you), add mailto: before your Market Leader email address.

If you don't know your Market Leader email address, go to My Account, and you'll see your CRM email address there.

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