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How To Bring New Leads Into Your Market Leader System Each Month 

Are you looking for more leads? 

Lead generation is crucial to your success. The more leads you get, the higher the chances are of getting more clients. Did you know you can get a steady stream of exclusive leads in your area delivered into your Market Leader system EVERY month? We offer three unique products to fit your lead generation needs. 

Leads Direct 

Be the local expert. With Leads Direct, our pay-per-click advertising campaigns drive consumers who are searching for home listings on Google, Bing, and other search engines directly to your personally branded IDX website. 

View the journey of a Leads Direct lead. 

Lead inventory is limited. Check availability in your local market today! 


Capture prospective home sellers early—when they’re motivated & searching for a home valuation. Potential sellers visit to request a free personalized home valuation. Their information—including property details and listing time frame—is then passed straight to you! 

View the journey of a HouseValues lead. 

Lead inventory is limited. Check availability in your local market today! 

Network Boost 

Looking for a way to quickly connect with dozens of consumers in your local market? With Network Boost, you can receive around 50+ exclusive leads every month for as little as $300/mo! 

View the journey of a Network Boost lead. 

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Powerful Automation To Nurture Your Leads into Clients 

With all the above Market Leader lead products, lead generation is just the beginning. Regardless of which option you choose, our system automatically places your leads on nurture campaigns which are optimized to drive engagement. We’ll alert you once your leads are ready to connect with you! 

Do you have leads from other sources? You can still leverage the power of automated nurture for all your leads, regardless of how they were generated / where they come from. Visit the integrations page to learn more. 

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