Add Contacts to a Print Design

Direct mail is an effective and affordable way to generate leads and create brand awareness. Once you've created your print design, you can select contacts in your system to receive your print marketing design.

 To add contacts, first check the Print Mailing Addresses on Pieces box and make sure the Contact button is selected, then click the Choose Recipients link.

You can also upload a mailing list for direct mail farming. Learn more about mailing lists

On the left you'll see all of the possible contacts you can add; you can click Add All Eligible Contacts to add all of them, or you can click the Add button next to a contact to add them individually. As you add contacts, they will appear on the right.

Eligibility here means they have a physical mailing address, and it's marked as the "mailing address" in the contact's record. Learn how to mark an address as the mailing address

You can also filter the contact list to display only eligible contacts in a specific group. To select a group, mark the check box next to that group name (you can select multiple groups here). Once you've selected your groups, click anywhere on the page to have your changes take effect.

Your list will now be filtered, showing only eligible contacts in the groups you’ve selected. Then click Add All Eligible Contacts to add them to the recipient list (on the right). When you're finished, click Save & Continue.

Once you've added your contacts, you can finish completing your print order.

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