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Contact Status

Setting a contact’s status is a great way to organize your database, while identifying contacts that need attention or may become clients. Using the contact status is also a great way to move your contacts through your pipeline - from New to Sold!

You can change a contact status from the All Contacts grid (above), or from the contact record, by expanding the drop-down menu under the contact's name. You can also update multiple contact statuses at once with a bulk update.

Default Contact Status

There are several status types for you to apply to your contacts. Below you will find more information about each status type.


This is the default status that is applied to new leads that come into your system, including contacts that register on your website, manually added contacts, 3rd party contacts (e.g. Zillow), and imported contacts.

Made Contact

Use this status if you're engaged a new contact, but haven't gotten a response yet,or a cold lead that has returned to your website. Think of this status as a 'limbo" status before they move to warm, hot, or cold.


This status is for leads that are engaging with you, but might be a ways out from transacting, or contacts that are opening or responding to your emails, or frequently visiting your website. This status is a precursor to "Hot".


Use this status for highly engaged leads, or leads that are ready to buy or sell right now. This is everyone's second favorite status.


Change a lead status to “Cold” if they are not responsive or not interested.


Change a lead status to “Pending” if have a buyers that's made an offer, or a listing that's gone under contract. Use this status to keep track of those contacts who are not quite active, but not quite sold.


This is everyone's favorite status. Use this status for contacts you have successfully converted.


Use this status if they have asked to stop receiving emails or have no valid contact information. When you set a lead to this status type they will no longer receive any automated system emails.

Custom Contact Status

You can create custom statuses for your contacts, so you can literally work your pipeline on your terms. Create and manage your contact statuses under Status Setup located in the My Account menu - or click the gear icon from your main dashboard. A few things to keep in mind:

  • A contact status must be 25 characters or less - the shorter, the better
  • No special characters, letters and numbers only
  • There is a limit of 10 custom statuses
  • Clicking on a status from the main dashboard will take you to a filtered contact list for that status
  • Any custom status can be exported, or imported into

When adding a custom status, you can choose a color for that status, and you can choose to have it displayed on your main dashboard by checking the Show in Pipeline status. You can also edit (rename) or delete your custom status.

You cannot delete a status that has contacts associated; additionally, you cannot edit or delete New, Sold, or Trash.

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