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Personalize Your About Page

The About page on your website allows consumers learn more about you and your business, how to connect with you, and most importantly, why they should work with you. In addition to adding a personal bio, you'll also want to make sure you've updated your profile settings. Learn how

You have the option to edit your About page, rename the page, and update the SEO settings.

Edit Your About Page

To customize the bio on your about page, select Website from the Account menu.

Select Pages in the left-side menu, and then expand the About page menu by clicking the Page link.

Now you can enter your content in the space provided and use the toolbar to format it; you can add text, images, or video. When you're finished adding or editing your About page content, click Save.

Rename Your About Page

To rename your About page, expand the About page menu by clicking the Page link, then select Rename.

Then, simply add the new name in the field, and then click Save.

When renaming a page, the system will always display the original page name at the top, in case you can't quite remember which page it was before a few name changes.

About Page SEO Settings

To rename your About page, expand the About page menu by clicking the Page link, then select SEO Settings.

Then, you can customize the SEO Title and Meta Description for this page. When you're finished, click SaveClick here to learn Titles and Descriptions best practices. 

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