Lead Stream

Spend time converting leads, not working multiple systems!  With Market Leader's Lead Stream, you can manage all of your online leads in one place.

When you setup Lead Stream, leads from that source will automatically flow into your Market Leader system, where you can nurture and engage them. Just add your Market Leader email address as the main email address in the profile or lead notification section for your lead generation source.

To view all of our Lead Stream partners, select Integrations from the Profile Admin menu. At the bottom of the Integrations page you'll see all of the Lead Stream partners.

Set up Lead Stream

Setting up Lead Stream is easy! Simply add your CRM Email to the profile section of your partner account and leads will flow directly into your Market Leader system. 

To find your Market Leader email address, select My Account from the Profile Admin menu.

The CRM Email address under Profile Details is the email address that you should copy and paste into your other lead-source profiles.

Looking to connect your Zillow and Trulia leads? You can activate Zillow Tech Connect from the Integrations section. Learn more

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