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Create a Transparent Image

Having a transparent logo can add a modern and visually pleasing aspect to your Market Leader website. You should already have a transparent png version of your logo (this should come from your broker or corporate marketing department), however if you don't, you can create one.

Here are a few steps to help you create one using this web-based PNG creator tool:

This is a third-party tool that is not affiliated with Market Leader in any way. We recommend reading through all of their content to fully understand how this PNG tool works.

First, click the Import From File link to find and upload your image (it may take a few seconds to load your image, depending on the image size).

Once your image is uploaded, you can see the png version next to the original (the grey and white checkered pattern represents the transparent portion of the image).

Transparency Options

The Transparency Color is the specific color you are making transparent (the default is white). So this color should be whatever the background of your image is.

The Match Similar Color Tones section allows you to choose the similar colors that will become transparent. For example, if the color that you're removing is red, then it will also remove cherry-red, rose-red, wine-red and similar shades of red. 

For images with white backgrounds and light colors (e.g. beige, yellow, light blue), we recommend reducing this number down to 5 or 10 so those lighter shades are still visible. You may have to adjust a few times before you get it right.
Saving Your Image

Once you're happy with your transparent image, click Save As, and then click Download so you can download and save your new, transparent image.

Once your image is downloaded, open the file, and then select Save As or Make a Copy (depending on your computer settings). Then, name the new image, and select PNG File as the file type. You are now ready to use your new, transparent image.

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