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Generate Leads Using a Search Widget

Search Widgets are an engaging way to drive more consumers from non-lead generating blogs and websites to your lead generating Market Leader Professional website, so you can win more business. They usually have a much higher conversion, or click through, rate when compared with simple hypertext links to your website.

What is a Search Widget?

The Search Widget is basically a piece of java script code that you can insert into your blog or another website that will allow customers to search for homes, using the inserted search widget to select an area, property type, price range, bed minimum and bath minimum while on your blog or other website.

When a visitor clicks Search, they are driven back to your Market Leader website to view the search results. Using this instead of just adding a simple plain text link to “View Homes” on the MLS has shown to have a higher click through rate – achieving your goal of getting your consumers better engaged with your Market Leader Professional website.

Using a Search Widget

To use a search widget, you must be able to add custom scripts to the blog or website that you would like to include a search widget on. You will then copy the selected script and paste it into the appropriate section on your blog or website.

For this example we will show you how to add a Search Widget to your blog. You will want to have your Market Leader Professional website open in one browser tab and your blog open in another.

Start by selecting Website Admin from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu

Then, click on Search Widget in the list on the left side.

Each widget will have a sample image and a read-only text box that contains the search widget code.

Select the entire text in the search widget text box by clicking in the box once. The text will be highlighted.

While highlighted, right click on the text and select Copy from the menu.

Now, select the browser tab where your blog is open. Navigate within your blog to find the area that allows you to edit your blog. For some this may be called 'Blog Settings'.

Paste the text you copied into one of the script boxes where you can add content. This may be call the (Widgets) section. The hit update or save.

Search Widget Options

There are three search widget styles available for your use. An image of each is below, at full size. The dimensions of each widget is listed as well.

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