5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

In a nutshell blogs can help you build your business.

‘Google love’ that is given to your blog will help your website be more visible.

Each blog post that you create builds another unique page for your website. A page that your clients will love, visit and share. With all that attention ‘The Google’ and others like it will start to notice and follow the traffic that is going to your site and the pages within. This makes your website a more relevant source of information on the topics that you discuss.

Having a relevant website means that when buyers and sellers go online to search for information, your site is more likely to come up because Google says your site has the answers they are looking for.

Let’s face it, as consumers we trust Google to surface the right pages on the internet at the top of our search.

Build client trust and knowledge in one place.

You know that question, the one that every client asks you? Well what if you could answer it just ONE last time? Next time you get that question you could send them a prewritten template saying:

“I’m so glad you asked that question! I actually get that a lot. I recently took the time to answer this question in great depth and I thought that you might like to have a detailed answer rather than a super quick one. Here is a link to my blog post on this [Insert Link].

You aren’t alone. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

How amazing is that to be able to have a detailed response, or to be able to send something like this in advance before the question is even asked?

You have the opportunity to build trust with your clients and potential buyers and sellers trust as you work to help them feel knowledgeable. According to Blogher.com, 81% of US online consumers trust blog content.

Stay connected to past clients on their terms.

Blogs can house a large variety of content; from tips and strategies for when you are buying or selling a home to the benefits of living in a certain neighborhood. Including a wide variety of content can make your blog exceptionally interesting, even to past clients who know you and already trust you. Plus, adding a little humor to your post can make your posts become an eagerly awaited event and even shared among your client’s friends and family. What better way to keep people aware of your continued work in the RE industry than to provide them with an anticipated blog post!

Uncover an outlet to promote yourself, your business and your expertise.

You can blog about anything. While you will want to keep a balance between things you are promoting, strategies, and humorous stories, this venue still gives you the opportunity to promote homes and important activities that you are hosting or participating in.

As you are seen as more and more of a community expert by people in your area you open the doors to gaining more opportunity to get involved in your niche community and unlock business partnership opportunities with the local businesses. Yahoo stats state that 61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

Never stop becoming better: a better writer, a better communicator, a better agent.

Anyone can start a blog! If you can write an email or create a newsletter for your clients then you can blog. The more you write the better you become at writing and this bleeds into other aspects of your business. You become more directed on where you want your business to go and your focus and writing improves. When you write for your blog, your writing practice makes you better at writing marketing descriptions for clients and the MLS. 

Blogging can not only help you grow as a person but also can help you take your business to the next level.  So, start getting better today and Create your first blog post on your website.

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