Manage Your Featured Partners

Featured Partners lets you show your clients the local companies that you trust to do business with. These could be a title company, a home security service, or even a local restaurant. When you add a Featured Partner their contact information will be displayed in the Featured Partners section of your website.

To manage your featured partners, select Website Admin from the Profile Menu.Then select Featured Partners from the links on the left side of the page. Click Add Partner to add a new feature partner.

The only required field is the company name. If you have permission, you can upload a company logo or image by clicking the Browse button and selecting the image from your computer.

Enter the website for the company in the Company URL field. You must include “http://” or the link will not work.

Finally, enter a description for this company. What makes them a trusted business? Why do you choose to work with them? How long have they been in the area? Think about what would make someone new want to do business with them.

If you would like to feature this partner on the home page of your website, then select the box at the bottom.  If you have more than one partner selected for your home page, then they will rotate equally. This option is not available with all website themes.

When you’re finished making changes, click Save.

To edit an existing Featured Partner click the edit icon in the Actions column. To remove a Featured Partner click the delete icon.

If you would like to add more content to the Featured Partners page on your website, you can do so by selecting Website Admin from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu. Then click Pages from the links on the left side of the page. Select Partners from the drop-down menu.

Any text you enter in the Page Content field will be displayed at the top of your Featured Partners page.

If you enter text in this field without adding any Featured Partners, the page will be published on your website as soon as you click Save. As a best practice, do not enter text in this content area if you do not have any Featured Partners listed.

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