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Personalize Your Marketing Email Footer for Market Leader Teams

You have a powerful marketing platform within your Market Leader system, and the emails sent from this area have their own special signatures (aka footers) designed to showcase your brand. 

The good news is you can customize one email footer that will be included on every email you send from the Marketing Center (including campaigns). Here’s how… 

To find available email footer designs, hover over the Marketing tab and select Manage Designs from the menu. 

Select Design Library and Email Footers and deselect the other categories. 

When you find a design you want to work with, click the image for that design and you’ll be taken to the detail page for that piece. 

Click the Personalize button to customize it and make it your own using the Marketing Design Editor. 

Learn how to personalize a design. 

Edit your email footer to fit your brand. Keep in mind that all our footer templates are designed to be mobile responsive, so making significant changes may affect responsiveness. Try to pick a design that doesn’t need much tweaking and use the Preview button to test your changes. 

When you have finished personalizing your footer design, you’ll need to save it. From within the Design Editor click the Save button. Name your design and click Save.  

Click the Exit button to exit the editor. 

Once you’ve saved your footer design, you have the option to activate it. Activating your email footer design will include it on every email you send from the marketing center, including campaign emails. You can save as many footer designs as you want, but you can only have one active for each team member at a time. 

To activate your footer design, first choose your name from the “This footer is for” section, then simply click the checkbox that says Activate this email footer. 

A warning message will appear to let you know that this footer will replace the footer you currently have active. Click Yes.

Your footer is now active! You’ll see the box is now checked and if you click Back to Search, you’ll see a green Active label on your new footer. 

Activation Rules 

Each team member must always have an active email footer. This means that active footers cannot be deactivated, deleted, or reassigned (these fields are disabled on active footers). Simply activate a new/different footer, and then you will be able to make these changes to your old one.  

You can only have one footer active per team member at a time.  

You cannot activate an un-personalized email footer. You must personalize and save in order to activate a footer design.  

Activating a new footer will automatically deactivate your old one. Just check the “Activate this email footer” checkbox on a different footer design, click Yes on the confirmation message, and your old footer will be deactivated. Your old footer will still appear in your saved designs, in case you want to make edits or use it again in the future.  

One-off emails use the footer of the team member that is sending it. Ex: Your teammate saves an email design. You log in to your account and send that email to everyone’s contacts. The email will use your footer and your name will be in the sender field.  

Campaign emails use the footer of the team member the recipient is assigned to. Ex: Everyone on your team adds their contacts to one campaign. When a campaign email sends, the contacts assigned to you will get your footer and see you as the sender. The other contacts will get different footers/senders depending on which team member they are assigned to. 

Your Marketing Email Footer appears on all emails sent from the Marketing Center. That includes one-off email designs and campaign emails. This footer/signature is designed to showcase your brand and look balanced with marketing email designs. When your final email is sent it will be CAN-SPAM compliant and include unsubscribe links. 

Your Email Signature in your Email Settings appears on all personal emails you send, as well as your automated welcome emails and templates. This footer/signature is designed to be more personal and informal for direct contact with individual contacts. Think personal email vs. marketing platform. 

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