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Create a Sellers Home Valuation Request

A Sellers Home Valuation Request flyer or email is used when responding to a potential seller’s request for identifying what their home might be worth. You can use this to provide the potential seller an idea of what their home might be worth. This leaves you room to prepare a full CMA after reviewing the property in person once you get the listing appointment.

Create a Sellers Home Valuation Request

To create a Sellers Home Evaluation Request, let's start by hovering over the Marketing tab and selecting Marketing Center. Then select Browse All.

Under Search Options, in the Keyword or Title field enter "Evaluation" and click Search. The list will filter to show only available designs.

If you want to be able to email your Sellers Home Valuation Request, create a print version, then download it as a PDF and email it as an attachment.

Keep in mind this Sellers Home Valuation Request is meant to be a quick initial evaluation. Once you get the listing appointment, you’ll be able to prepare a full CMA after reviewing the property in person.

The layout of each Sellers Home Valuation Request template is unique. They have similar information and are all customizable.  

Next, find comparable properties. Go to your local MLS and find approximately three addresses that you feel are good matches to your Seller Lead's property. When you have comparable properties, then you'll be ready to personalize a design.

Customize a Sellers Home Valuation Request

If there’s a place to add your lead’s name, simply click on the text box and add/edit any information you’d like. Don’t forget to use the provided Text Editing Tools at the top of your screen to customize the text to your liking. 

If there’s a place to add your estimate of their home value, enter that too. A best practice is to keep this range fairly broad since you haven’t seen their property yet. 

Depending on the design you select, you'll have the ability to add 3-4 comparable properties. This is where you'll use the sold property information you gathered from your local MLS.

Be sure to enter important information such as the address, pricing, number of beds and baths, and any additional comments you'd like to add. When you've finished customizing your Sellers Home Evaluation Request, save your design.

Print a Sellers Home Valuation Request

After you have saved your flyer, you will be returned to the design detail page. Here you'll have two options:

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