Customize Your Website Pages & Menus

You have the ability to customize and configure your website pages, and menu headers, so your website can reflect you and your brand. You can add, remove, edit, and rename your website header tabs, as well as create menu headers that contain sub-pages. The possibilities are endless!

  • To adjust the location of an item, touch or click it then drag it to your preferred placement.
  • Add a sub-page under a menu by dragging and indenting it under the menu header.
  • Try to limit your website header tabs to 8-10, as too many headers can cause wrapping on smaller screens.
  • The maximum character limit for your header tabs is 20, however shorter is better for viewing on tablets and mobile devices.
  • The home, search, about, sell, and communities pages cannot be unpublished or deleted.
  • You cannot delete a menu header if it has sub-pages underneath it.
  • The maximum number of sub-pages you can have under a menu header is 10.

Watch this 2-minute video tour!

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