Campaigns FAQ

What is a date campaign?
A date campaign is a campaign where each step is sent out on a specific date.
What is an interval campaign?
An interval campaign is a campaign where there are a specified number of days between each step.
What is a campaign step?
A step is an email, activity, or direct mail design that is sent out as part of a campaign.
How do I know when an email step will be sent?
Date campaign: The date for the email step is the date the email be sent.

Interval campaign: The interval number is how many days after the prior step before the email is sent.
What is the maximum number of contacts I can put on a campaign?
How do I know when I have an activity to complete?
You will receive a reminder on your Dashboard.
What is the maximum number of steps my campaign can have?
Can I duplicate or copy a campaign?
Can I add contacts to a campaign after it is completed?
Interval campaigns: Yes. The campaign will be automatically changed to an Active status.
Date campaigns: No
Can I edit a campaign step after it has been sent?
Interval campaigns: Yes, but you cannot change the step order.
Date campaigns: No
Do I have to use a previously saved design when adding a step?
No, you can select an unsaved design template, personalize, and save it. Then you can add it to a campaign.

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Add an Email to a Campaign