Export Contacts

To export your contacts from your Market Leader system into a CSV file, hover over the Contacts tab, and select Import/Export.

Next, click the Export Contacts tab. Here you can choose how you want to export your contacts. Since larger contact lists (with 10,000 or more contacts), can take longer to export, so we recommend exporting by groups or contact status. Learn more about contact groups or status options.

From here, you can select the groups or statuses you want to export. Once you've made your selections, click the Export button.

If you select a group or status to export, any contacts not in that group will not be exported.

If you have more than one group, status, or combination of the two you would like to export, simply repeat these steps until all of your desired contacts are exported.

When exporting contacts with a physical address, the Mailing Address box MUST be checked in order for their address to export. If this box is not checked, the address will not export.

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