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Network Boost

Network Boost allows you to intelligently and efficiently generate leads from the millions of consumers using Facebook and delivers you a reliable flow of leads to grow your sphere every month. Your ads are optimized for lead generation and feature your current and sold listings. Don’t have any recent listings? No problem. We'll feature listings from your Office or MLS until you do. If your MLS is not approved yet, we’ll feature content that’s attractive to buyers and sellers. We update your ads automatically when you do get new listings and as a listing status changes – there’s no maintenance required by you.

Listing ads get the most engagement, so make sure your MLS is fully approved to get the most out of your Network Boost leads.

 Learn how to:

  • Turn on Network Boost 
  • Modify Network Boost
  • What happens once Network Boost is turned on
  • What to know about the leads generated by Network Boost
  • Check your Network Boost ad performance

How to Turn on Network Boost

  1. a. In the Marketing tab, click Network Boost.
    b. In the Get Leads tab, click Network Boost.
    c. Click the Help Tab and select Leads and in the Network Boost card, click Get Leads.
  2. Next, Choose your target cities.  You can select up to 5.
  3. Choose your monthly budget from one of the pre-defined options, then click Checkout
  4. Complete the payment authorization page.

You will receive an email notification once your Network Boost Ad is live.

Leads generated from Network Boost will automatically be delivered into your Market Leader system.

Modify City

  1. a. In the Marketing tab, click Network Boost.
    b. In the Get Leads tab, click Network Boost.
    c. Click the Help Tab and select Leads and in the Network Boost card, click Get Leads.
  2. Click the Modify button in the Ad Details section.

You can modify your cities at anytime without requiring a 6-month agreement.

To adjust your budget, you will need to contact a Market Leader representative to make any budget adjustments. Please note that any budget changes will require a new minimum 6-month agreement.  After 6 monthly payments, you will automatically be billed on a month-to-month basis.

Note: If you have a pending quote due to changes in Leads Direct or Network Boost, you will not be able to make another change in the system.  Please contact Support to continue modification.

What Happens Next

Once you've purchased Network Boost, we will begin building and optimizing your ads. You will receive a notification once your Network Boost ads go live. You will also receive notification each time you receive a new lead. We recommend downloading the Market Leader app and enabling text notifications in your accounts settings, so you can respond quickly when you get a new lead. Click here to learn more about activity alerts.

Click here to see the Network Boost lead experience from start to finish!

What to Know About the Leads Generated by Network Boost

When a lead clicks on your ad, they will fill out a form that collects their name, email address, and phone number. This information is usually auto-populated by Facebook. When new Network Boost leads come into your system, their source will be "Network Boost". 

Social Media leads, like those generated by Network Boost, are often in the early stage of their homebuying or selling journey and may not be as engaged as someone who is ready to buy or sell in the next 30 days. As such, Network Boost leads will need some nurturing to determine the best way you can serve them. That's where we come in!

All new Network Boost leads are automatically added to the "New Lead Nurture: Network Boost (Email)" campaign. This drip campaign is a series of plain text emails and SMS messages designed to look like they are coming directly from you. Each message asks basic follow-up questions about the lead's preferences to prompt them to respond. When the lead responds, they are automatically removed from the campaign, and you get a Hand Raise alert so you can personally follow-up with them. Make sure you follow up ASAP!

How to View Network Boost Ad Performance

Once your ads are live, you can monitor the performance of your Network Boost ads in the same place you purchased them:

  1. In the Gets Leads tab, select Network Boost.
  2. Click the Help tab and select Leads. In the Network Boost card, click Get Leads.
  3. In the Marketing tab, select Network Boost.

The All-Time Ad Performance will display an overview for all your ads:

Impressions - Total number of times an ad was viewed

Reach - Total number of unique users who viewed the ad

Clicks - Number of users who clicked on the ad

Leads - Number of users who filled out the form (to become a lead) after clicking on the ad

Under Ads Performance, you can look at the individual ad performance. By clicking the blue camera button in the bottom left of the ad photo, you can load an example of your specific ad.

At the bottom of the page you can view Your Recent Leads from the last 30 days. If you click the View All Network Boost Leads button, it will take you to your contacts page filtered to your Network Boost leads from all time.

Q. What’s the Best Way To Build Your Pipeline?

A. Implement a variety of lead generation strategies instead of depending on just one. Adding more lead sources ensures long-term stability for your business because it expands the size of your lead pool, which means you’ll have more opportunities to turn leads into clients.

In addition to getting leads through Network Boost, did you know there are other ways Market Leader can deliver you exclusive leads each month?

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