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Objection Handling Scripts

It takes a variety of skillsets to be a successful agent, being able to overcome objections is high on that list. Some objections can be verbal, while others can be via action - or inaction. Here are our tips and scripts for handling common buyer and seller objections.

No Response

--Maintain a consistent follow-up

--Don’t take it personal, it doesn’t mean your effort is futile

--Ensure you have a process for every lead that you can measure

No Phone Number

--The lead may be telling you how they want to communicate

--Look up their phone number or connect on social media

--Communicate digitally and maintain a consistent follow-up

They Aren’t the Registered Owner of the Home They Inquired About

I noticed you’re not the legal owner of the home, did you inquire for a friend or relative? Or are you possibly in the market for a similar property? 

 --There’s a reason they went online and looked up the value of the home

--Possible renter or buyer, or they know someone looking to sell

They’re Just Looking to Refinance

If you need any help, I work with a great lender in the area, and he’s taken excellent care of many of my clients.

They Were Just Curious of the Value

That makes sense, especially with how active the market is in your area. May I ask what sparked your curiosity?

"I'm Just Looking"

That’s great! You should look at all your options before buying anything. Out of curiosity, what type of home are you looking for?

Great! How many houses have you seen so far?

Tell me about your experience so far, have you seen any homes you loved?

“No Thanks, I Don’t Need Any Help Right Now”

Hey – that makes complete sense. This process takes a long time. My goal is determine, if possible, where you are at in this process because I assume you don’t need me right now but down the road you might have questions. Would it be OK if I continue to send you listings so you can search on your own time?

“I'm Not Ready to Work With an Agent Yet”

Many of my clients felt the same way at first. Then, after spending hours driving around looking at houses they found online, they got tired and frustrated. How about letting me set up your own custom online search? Then you will only see homes that meet your criteria. When you find some you want to see, call me and I can show you the inside.

"Please Don't Call Me Anymore"

No problem. I completely understand that you want to go at your speed. I would like to invite you to continue using my website throughout your search process that way you can reach out if or when you decide you are ready.

"I Want to Talk to Some Other Agents"

Absolutely. You should talk to other agents because the bottom line is, you’re not going to choose me based solely on everything I’ve shown you. You’re going to choose the agent you trust the most.

I can appreciate that, making a logical decision is important…So tell me, what is it specifically that you’re hoping to hear from them?

"I Already Have an Agent"

That’s great that you have an agent. Can you share their name so I can send them the properties you have been looking at?

"I Already Have a Friend/family Member Who is an Agent"

Does that mean you feel obliged to be represented by your friend, or are you free to work with another agent who can find you the ideal home?

As you know, in the home buying/selling process, all of your financial data is front and center. Are you comfortable sharing all of your personal information with your friend?

“The Listing I Liked is No Longer on the Market”

--Educate them on why this happens

--Very important to explain that you can service an entire area or areas

--Just because that listing is either gone or wasn’t yours, you can still help

“I’m Going to Just Keep Searching on Zillow”

--Educate them on how Zillow works

--You have a website that allows them to search all MLS listings

--You don’t have to bug them and they can communicate directly with questions

“I Don’t Remember Registering, I’m Not Interested”

You were looking at properties in XX area and registered on my website. I’m reaching out to let you know that I actually exist behind the site because in my experience, waiting for someone to follow up with me is very frustrating. If you’re actively looking to buy or sell, keep using my website. There’s no obligation, and that way you can decide when to contact myself or anyone else.

“I Got My Zestimate, so I’m Good”

That’s a great starting point. Just keep in mind, the value of your home can’t be gauged site unseen, and often times a professional can provide a far more accurate valuation for your home – even if that professional isn’t me. I have a website that you can use to search comparable homes and market data anonymously.

“I Want to Wait for the Market to Improve”

You want to wait until the market gets better, what is your definition of better? How do you think waiting will benefit you?

“Other Agents Will Cut Their Commission”

If an agent is willing to cut their commission, how well do you think they will hold up when it comes to negotiating the best possible price for your home?

Commissions aren’t negotiable with agents that sell homes daily. They are only negotiable with the realtors who don’t believe in the service that they offer.

“I Could Sell It Myself and Avoid Paying the Commission”

If you list it for sale yourself, who will follow up with the 30 to 60 days of legal paperwork? Let me ask you, if you were an agent, would you rather show homes that were listed with professional agents that worked to get deals closed? How many agents will want to risk the fact that you may not have done this before?

“Your Valuation is Wrong”

--Ask for their reasoning & why they think you’re wrong

--Comps and the market don’t lie, it’s based on data

“Another Agent Can Sell it for More”

--The price is based on the market, numbers don’t lie

--Listing over market price can increase time on market

“We Can Always Come Down in Price Later”

Sure, but by the time price comes down, you could already be written off as un-motivated. You see, if we come out of the gate with your home overpriced, all of the agents that show properties will instantly write you off as a non-motivated seller.

“I Won’t Sell for Less Than XX”

Your home will perform based on what’s happening in the market. If you price it at market, market usually sells in X days, then your house will sell around this time. If you price it at X price, then it may take much longer to sell. Are you willing to risk timing for price?

“Your Price is Much Lower than Other Agents I’ve Spoken With”

A lot of agents will tell you whatever price they think you want to hear, even if they know six months from now, you will not be happy with them – no buyers want to look at a house that is overpriced. My comps determine my price. I would rather you turn down 10 offers than never get one.

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