Receiving Opt-In Consent for SMS Messages

Now that text messages are featured in all New Lead Nurture campaigns, it’s important to know who will receive them from our system and why. Let’s dig in!

Understanding SMS Opt-In: Why It’s Essential for Sending Texts From Our System

SMS opt-in is a crucial step in the process of sending text messages from your Market Leader system to your contacts. It is the process where your contacts give us their consent to send them text messages. This is not only a best practice but also a legal requirement for A2P 10DLC messaging in US and Canada. By opting in, your contacts are explicitly saying ‘Yes, I am interested in receiving text messages from you.’ Bottom line: no texts can be sent from your Market Leader system to your contacts until we have consent from them to do so. 

Below we will explain why we collect opt-in consent from your contacts and how we do it. 

We collect SMS opt-in consent from all new contacts during the lead registration process. All our lead generation products have an SMS opt-in checkbox below the phone number field. By default, it will remain unchecked. If a contact chooses to check this box after providing their phone number, it indicates their consent to receive text messages from your system. If the contact provides their phone number but does not check the box, they are not eligible to receive text messages from your system.  

Below you can see what opt-in consent looks like for our Leads Direct, HouseValues, and Network Boost lead products. 

Leads Direct 


Network Boost  

Important Note: All the consent requirements mentioned above also apply to manually created or imported leads. This means that, for now, we won't be able to collect opt-in consent from these leads since they don't go through a registration process. We’re working on options to start collecting consent from imported leads. 

Opt-In Confirmation 

After a lead checks the opt-in consent box, they will be presented with an opt-in confirmation text. This message includes instructions on how to access support, unsubscribe from future messages, and some additional details mandated by carries. Agents do not need to take any action from this text.

Nurture Begins 

Once your leads have opted into SMS, they will begin receiving your New Lead Nurture campaigns with both email and text messages. To read more on SMS in nurture campaigns see here. 

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