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Manage Your Activity Alerts

Activity Alerts

Activity Alerts notify you of lead activity, like a new lead or when a contact visits your website. These alerts include links into your system so you can take immediate action, no matter where you are.

To manage your Activity Alerts, select My Account from the Admin Menu.

Next, select Activity Alerts in the left column. Here you can add and configure your alerts (you'll notice you have a default email alert setup with the external email address on file).

If you have a mobile phone number in your account, a default text alert will be created as well.

To add an email alert, simply click the Email or Mobile/Text link to enter in the email address or phone number for text message alerts. You can add up to three contact methods, in any combination, including the default email alert.

Once you enter the email or phone number, click Save.

Text and email alerts include links that auto-log you into your account. For security purposes, do not add a phone number or email address you do not want to give full access to your account.

Next, you can choose to receive a text notification, email notification, and/or a push notification on your mobile device for the following items:

  • New Contact
  • Contact visited your Website
  • Contact Updated Information
  • New Message from Contact
  • New Recommendation on Your Website
  • New Email from Non-Contact
Text and email alerts for contact that are active on your website are a great opportunity to engage. Learn more about Recently Active Contacts

Daily Activity Report

You are automatically signed up to receive the Daily Activity email. To unsubscribe, click the check box to clear it. To change the email address the summary is sent to click the blue Settings link and update your external email addressLearn more about the Daily Activity Report

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