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Getting Started with Market Leader Teams for Team Leaders

Welcome to Market Leader Teams. Each step in this Getting Started series connects you with the essential first steps to making the most of your new system.  

Need to know where and how to Log in

Set Up for Success 

Complete Account Setup  

Complete these five easy steps to gain access to your lead-generating website, CRM, and marketing center.   

  1. Upload your profile picture and logo to display on your marketing materials and website. 
  2. Edit Email Signature to add a personal touch to your emails you send to your contacts. 
  3. Select your MLS Feed. This is the first step to display listings on your website. 
  4. Submit MLS paperwork so you can start receiving your exclusive leads. 
  5. Select MLS Agent and Office IDs to market your listings on your website and marketing materials. 

The system will walk you through these steps upon first login. Access anytime by visiting the Account tab and clicking My Account.  

Complete Website Setup  

Customize your website in a few easy steps. You want to give your leads a reason to come back, so let us help you make it look polished and professional.  

  1. Select your layout   
  2. Choose colors and fonts   
  3. Upload hero images  
  4. Add social media Links  
  5. Add bio description  
  6. Review and customize  

The system will walk you through these steps upon first login. Access anytime by selecting Edit Site from the Website menu. Then select Appearance in the left-side navigation menu and click the Launch the Website Setup Wizard button.   

Additional Resources: Website Setup Wizard Details  

Take the Welcome Tour  

Get to know your way around the system by taking this quick and easy tour. This will pop up immediately following the account and website wizard setup. It is available to view anytime by clicking the Resource Center, which is displayed as an orange question mark on the bottom right of your screen. Select Tours and How-To's, then select Welcome Tour.  

Review Account Settings  

Contacts can’t reach you if your information is not correct. Take a minute to review your account settings and update as needed.   

Additional Resources: Account Settings Details  

Review Activity Alerts  

Don’t miss a single lead! Choose how you want to be alerted when your contacts are engaging with you.  

Additional Resources: Activity Alert Details  

Import or Sync Contacts  

An all-important step in the setup process – importing your contacts. Why? This is how you and your team will maintain strong relationships with your contacts that will result in more closed deals. Someone from our Customer Care team will reach out to help assist you with this process.   

Looking to complete the import process yourself? Learn how to do so here.  

Add a Team Member 

To effectively set up your Teams software, you need to add all your team members that will need access. To do this, go to Account on the top navigation and select Add a Team Member. From there, you can fill out the mandatory details on this page and click Save. Your new team member will get a welcome email with login instructions. 

You can also add a team member by going to Account on the top navigation and selecting Manage Team. Click the Add a Team Member option at the top right of the screen to add new team members. 

Remove a Team Member 

Removing a team member is also easy to do at any time. Go to Account on the top navigation and select Manage Team. From there you can see all your team members. Find the team member you want to delete and click Delete under their name. When deleting a team member, you will be asked to reassign all contacts currently assigned to them. This is a required step. 

Set Up Lead Routing 

Lead routing is a crucial tool for you to effectively manage your leads. To access it go to Account in the top left navigation and select Lead Routing. Next, click on your preferred lead routing method. From there, select which lead sources you want to route leads from.

At any time, you can edit which leads route to which team member. Click Edit to the right of the team member’s name and choose to route based on lead source, price range, and/or zip code. 

Note, only you can see and access the Lead Routing page. Your team members will not be able to see this option on their accounts. 


You’re officially set up and ready to dive in!   

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Getting Started with Market Leader Teams for Team Members