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Add an Agent to a Teams Account

Market Leader Teams system supports multiple agent accounts. New agents can be added to the system by the Broker or Administrator, and each new agent will have their own subdomain, email address, and a spot on the About Page. Agents that you add to the system can also be included in the lead rotation, so you can automatically assign leads to them.

Add a Team Member

To add an agent, select Add a Team Member from the Account menu.

Now you can enter the agent information to add them to the system:

  • Enter the Display Name and Account Owner Name (the display name is how it will appear on the website)
  • Choose their Website subdomain and CRM Email prefix (we typically recommend using their name)
  • For External Email, enter an email address that is not part of the Market Leader system
  • If you do not want an agent to receive leads, un-check the Include in Rotation check box
  • If you do not want an agent featured on the About Page, open the About Page drop-down menu and select the desired option
  • If you want to disable login to a Market Leader account, un-check the Account Access check box

Any field with an asterisk indicates a required field.

If the agent you're adding represents a team, enter both names in the Name text box and select the Team check box. This will pluralize any system-generated emails.

When you're finished adding the agent's information, click Save. The system will automatically send a welcome email to the external email address with login info for the agent to log into their new system and add their photo and finish setting up their profile.

Resend Login Credentials

If an agent forgets their login credentials, you can resend them. To resend the login credentials, select Manage Team from the Account menu.

Next, find the specific agent and click the Stats link under their name, then click the Profile tab.

Now click the Resend Welcome Email link to resend the agent's login information.

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