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Campaign Status

What are the Campaign Status Types?

1. Active: This is applied to campaigns that have steps (activities, emails, or postcards) that have not been sent out to all of the contacts on the campaign.

2. Completed: A completed campaign is a campaign that has finished sending all steps to all of the contacts on the campaign.

3. Inactive: A campaign that is unable to send out any step due to an issue with the campaign. You will need to review the campaigns in this category, fix any issues, and reactivate the campaign.

We recommend checking this status type periodically, to make sure all of your campaigns are active and working correctly.

4. New/Paused: A campaign that has not been activated yet or that you have chosen to pause. You will need to activate the campaign before any steps are sent out.

Find and Filter Your Saved Campaigns

To find your saved campaigns, hover over the Marketing tab and select Manage Campaigns. The default view will show you all of your campaigns.

To filter your campaigns, select Any Status, Any Schedule, or Any Type menus and select which campaigns you want to see.

For each campaign you’ll be able to see at a glance:

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign status (Active / Completed / Inactive / New/Paused)
  • Campaign type (Date / Interval)
  • Number of contacts and groups
  • Number of each step type (Email / Direct Mail / Activity)
  • Next Campaign (The next campaign that will start after this campaign ends)

How Campaign Status Affects Adding Contacts to a Saved Campaign

When adding contacts to a saved campaign, there are some important things to know for each campaign status type.


Interval Campaign: When you add contacts, they will start at the beginning of the campaign, receiving each step according to the interval.

Date Campaign: When you add contacts after the campaign has started, they will receive the next campaign step according to the next delivery date. They will not receive any steps from earlier dates.


Interval Campaign: You can add contacts to an interval campaign and it will be automatically reactivated for that contact. The status will change to Active. Learn how to add contacts to a campaign.

Date Campaign: To add contacts to a completed date campaign you will first need to add additional steps to the campaign and reactivate it. Learn how to add steps to a campaign.


You can add contacts to an inactive campaign but no one will receive any steps until you make necessary changes to fix any issues/errors and make the campaign active.


You can add contacts to a campaign in this status but no one will receive any steps until you make the campaign active.

Changing a Campaign Status to “Active”

Each saved campaign is identified by a row on the page with the campaign information.

If you want to activate a New/Paused or Inactive campaign, or reactivate a completed interval campaign, simply click the campaign name or Edit.

When you’ve finished making changes to the campaign, click on section 4 to expand it.

Mark the check box once you’ve reviewed the disclaimer and then click Activate Campaign.

You can also choose to add Showcase Properties to the footer of any email steps.

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