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Create a New Campaign

A campaign is a marketing tool that allows you to schedule, in advance, marketing materials to be sent to your contacts to keep you top of mind. With our set-it-and-forget-it campaigns, you can add contacts to a campaign and know that they’ll automatically receive valuable information from you at the right time during their home buying or selling process so they call you when it’s time to buy or sell.

Use a Pre-Built Campaign Template

On the campaign homepage each campaign will have:

  • A description of the campaign
  • The campaign delivery schedule
  • The number of steps for email, direct mail, and activities.
What is a step? Whenever your campaign triggers an email, a direct mail piece or an activity to go out, each time that happens is a “step”. 

To see what each step is, click Show Campaign Step Details.

Buyer Gorilla Marketing Template- Show campaign step details

You’ll see a list of each step in the campaign and what that step is (Email / Activity / Direct Mail). To scroll through the list, click the blue arrow at the end of the picture strip.

List of Buyer Gorilla Marketing steps

Finding the right pre-built campaign for you:

On the left side of your campaign page, you’ll see a Search Options box that will enable you to filter the available pre-built campaigns to find what you are looking for.

  • Delivery Schedule
    • Date Campaign: Each campaign piece will be sent out on a specific date. You can add contacts to this campaign at any time, but they will not receive any campaign materials that were sent prior to them being added to the campaign. A campaign that sends out materials on specific holidays would be an example of a date campaign. 
    • Interval Campaign: Campaign pieces are sent based on a specified number of days between delivery dates. When you add a new contact to the campaign, that contact will start at the beginning, receiving the first piece of the campaign and continuing through at the set intervals. 
  • Collection
    • You can filter the campaign list by collection. A collection is a set of campaigns that are similar.
    • Note: You must have created at least one custom campaign to have results when you select custom collection.
  • Campaign Title
    • If you know the name of the specific campaign you are looking for, you can search for it here.
    • Note: You can only search by pre-built campaign template name.
Campaign search options- delivery schedule, collection, and campaign titles

Once you’ve decided on which campaign to use, click the Choose this Template button.

Buyer Campaign Marketing choose this template button

From here you’ll be able to edit your campaign, including adding your contacts, reviewing the campaign steps, and activating your campaign.

Create a Custom Campaign

To create a custom campaign, from the campaign home page, click Create Custom Campaign. You will then be able to choose from a Date Campaign or Interval Campaign.

When you choose either delivery option, you will be taken to the campaign detail page, where you’ll be able to edit your campaign.

Create a custom campaign button

From here, you can add steps and customize your custom campaign. 

Duplicate an Existing Campaign

If you have an existing campaign that's working for you, you can duplicate it. When you duplicate a campaign, it will create a new campaign with the same schedule and steps, so all you have to do is add contacts.

To duplicate a campaign, click on Manage Campaigns under the Marketing menu. Next, click Duplicate next to the campaign you wish to replicate.

Duplicate campaign button

From here, you will need to name your duplicated campaign. Once you've named your campaign, click Save.

Duplicate campaign name option

All of the campaign steps from the original campaign will now be automatically added to your newly duplicated campaign. Now you can customize your campaign by adding contacts, reviewing or editing campaign steps (if desired), and activating your campaign.

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