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Managing Emails in Your Market Leader System

Your Market Leader system comes equipped with an email system, so you can engage and manage your correspondence to and from contacts in one place. Your email includes an inbox, junk folder, archive, and trash folder to you can stay organized. 

To access your email, click Messages in the top menu to access your system email. Here you'll see your email folders on the left, with sort and filtering options at the top.

  • Inbox: See all of your incoming emails; you can filter by read/unread. To view a message, simply click on the subject line.
  • Archived: Store emails in your archive folder. This is ideal for emails you don't need in your inbox, but also don't want to delete.
  • Junk: This is where junk/spam will go. You can move junk emails to your inbox (mark as NOT junk), or to trash.
  • Trash: Deleted emails will go to the trash folder. From here, you can recover (move to inbox), or permanently delete.
  • Sent: See all sent emails here, including campaign emails. Here, you can also see open and click rates for your sent emails.
  • Drafts: When you save an email as a draft, it will be stored here, where you can view, edit, or send your message.
  • Scheduled: You can view emails you have scheduled to be delivered at a later date before they've been sent here.


When composing an email, you can save your message as a draft for later. To save your email as a draft, simply click the Save Draft link. Then you'll be able to access your draft in the Drafts folder of your system.

Sent Emails

Any email you send will be logged in your Sent Items, except for the automated Welcome Email and Listing Alert emails.

Welcome Email

The Welcome email will be stored in the email section for a specific contact. Filter the Activity Feed to Emails, and you'll see the automated Welcome Email.

Listing Alert Emails

You can see sent Listing Alert emails from Properties tab of the contact record. Simply scroll down to the very bottom of this section to see sent alerts. To see more detail on which listings were sent, click the View Details box.

Emails From Contacts

Any email you receive from a contact in your system will go into your inbox. However, you can also see all emails from a specific contact in the contact record. Just click on a contact, and filter the timeline to see emails to and from that contact.

Emails From Non-Contacts

When you receive an email from a non-contact, you can add the sender to your system with the click of a button. Simply click on the Create Contact icon next to the email, and a contact record will be created for them, and the email will be logged in their email history.


If I delete an email by accident, is there any way to get it back?

No, once you delete an email, it's gone forever. However, if you send an email to trash, you can recover it.

What is my maximum mailbox size?

We encourage you to keep your mailbox size below 1 GB. 

What is the maximum attachment size I can send or receive? 

Sent or received email attachments cannot exceed 10 MB.  You could send 1 large attachment (e.g. 10 MB) or several smaller files that, together, do not exceed 10 MB. The total email size (including attachments) cannot exceed 12 MB. 

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