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Website Setup Wizard

You can use the Website Setup Wizard to quickly walk through the essential website customization steps. To access the Website Wizard, select Edit Site from the Website menu.

Then select Appearance in the left-side navigation menu and click the Launch the Website Setup Wizard button. 

The Wizard will guide you through five main components of customizing your website. Once you’ve completed a wizard step, simply click Save & Next to sync your changes to your site and advance to the next step. 

  • Website layout 
  • Accent colors and fonts 
  • Website hero images 
  • Social media links 
  • Personal bio

Website Layout

The first step to building the perfect website is to select a layout, then you can add additional elements to customize your website. You can choose from three layouts: Villa, Bungalow, and Tudor.

Each layout has two text modes - light and dark, so you can select the style that best represents you and your brand.

  • Light Mode: light background, dark text
  • Dark Mode: dark background, light text

If your logo or branding is light or white, dark mode might be best. Conversely, if you have a dark logo, you may want to go with light mode

Then, you will upload your logo.

If your logo is already populated on the page, you can move to the next step by clicking the Save & Next button.  

Each time you click Save & Next, your changes will automatically sync to your site. 

Accent Colors and Font

Next, you can select the accent colors and font for your website. You can choose from a preset selection of colors, or you can select a custom color to perfectly match your brand. To select a custom color, you can click the Edit button and use the selector tool or enter a custom Hex value. 

If you only have the RGB color value, click here to convert it to Hex.

Then, you will upload your logo. If your logo is already populated on the page, you can move to the next step by clicking the Save & Next button.  

We highly recommend you stay on-brand when customizing your colors and fonts to create a consistent feel for your clients and consumers.

Website Hero Image

The third step in the Website Wizard is to choose your hero image. This is the image that is displayed on your homepage behind the search bar. You can add up to 4 images. When you add more than one image, the images will have a slideshow effect.  

To replace the default image, click Edit, then click Choose. From here you can choose from your profile image, stock images, or upload a new image. Choose high-quality photos, so your website looks good on every screen size. 

To add additional images for a scrolling banner, click the Add Image link. Repeat for each image.

Be sure to select images that compliment the look and feel of your website. If you have a light and airy look, avoid darker images and vice versa. You should be thoughtful about what images you add to your website.

When adding an image, you can add an image headline, which will darken the image and add a white text overlay, and we recommend adding a meta description to help boost SEO. When you're finished, click Save & Next

The fourth step in the Website Wizard is to add your social media links. These links will be displayed as social media icons on your site. Simply click Add Social Media to add all of your professional social media channels. 


The fifth step in the Website Wizard is to add your bio summary and full bio.  

Your bio summary is a brief summary of your real estate experience and philosophy. This text is shown on the homepage. Share why it is so great to work with you.  

Your full bio is a full statement about your real estate experience and philosophy. This text is shown on your about page. Tell your story! 

Review & Customize

The last step is to review your website and select the contact information you'd like displayed at the top of your website, and choose the location of the property search. For the property search, you can choose where it's located, as well as customize the search text as well. When you're finished, click Finish.

As you make changes here, you'll be able to see your updates in real time.

Now that you've customized the essential components of your website, you can explore all of the endless customization options to WOW consumers! Learn more about customizing your website

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