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SMS Setup for Team Account

SMS Setup for Team Leaders

If you are using New Lead Nurture Campaigns and are eager to enhance them with text messages, the first step is to complete the SMS Setup process detailed below. If you are on an individual account, click here for setup.

For detailed information on the essentials of SMS setup, click here.

You are only eligible for this feature if your company is an officially registered business and your subscription contains active lead products - Network Boost, Leads Direct, or HouseValues.

To start the setup process for your Teams or Suite account, go to Account and click My Account.

On the left side of the page, select SMS Settings and SMS Setup. Once you're there, click Set Up SMS.

On the Set Up SMS page, review all prepopulated company information to ensure everything is displayed correctly, then input your company's Tax ID/EIN number and mobile phone number. Click Save.

Setup cannot be completed without your company's Tax ID/EIN.

If your company is registered in Canada – please, refer to this article for Tax ID instructions.

  1. Tax ID/EIN: Provide your 9-digit EIN number associated with your company
  2. Company legal name and Address: Ensure that all the provided information is correct. If the address is missing or incomplete, please fill in the necessary details. It's crucial that the address does not contain any unusual special symbols or hashtags. Please ensure that provided EIN and the Company legal name match the official records, since carriers will use them to verify the information.
  3. Mobile Phone Number: Input the mobile phone number you wish to use for SMS Setup. It should be a valid, personal, or business mobile number that you use on a daily basis.

Your part is done for now! Next, we'll register your SMS brand with carriers. This process will take at least a few weeks to complete.

Once your SMS brand is registered and approved by carriers, you will be notified by an in-system popup. Your New Lead Nurture Campaigns will now include text messages!

Click View Details.

On the SMS Setup page you will now see your new 10 digit Market Leader texting number.

SMS services are only for texting through Nurture Campaign steps. SMS setup does not include full texting capability from the Market Leader system.

Team Member Setup

If you are a team member on a Teams or Suite account, you will see this on your SMS Setup page until your Team Leader's registration is complete.

Once your team leader's registration is complete, you will see a popup when you log in asking you to setup your SMS services.

Click Go to Page.

From there, you will need to enter your Mobile Phone Number.

You must use a valid and working mobile phone number and not a texting app i.e. Google Voice or your information will not be verified.

Once setup is complete, your SMS Setup page will show as successfully completed.

SMS services are only for texting through Nurture Campaign steps. SMS setup does not include full texting capability from the Market Leader system.

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