Personalize Your Emails

Make each message you send your contacts feel like it’s just for them. You can now easily and efficiently personalize your messages using new fields that allow you to merge contact details directly i…


Send an Email

Since today's online consumer likes the anonymity the internet provides, email is often the best way to engage and start building a relationship with them. When sending an email from your system, you…


Managing Emails in Your Market Leader System

Your Market Leader system comes equipped with an email system, so you can engage and manage your correspondence to and from contacts in one place. Your email includes an inbox, junk folder, archive,…


How to Schedule an Email

Scheduling an email allows you to compose an email now and schedule it to go out within the next 45 days. This is a great tool for when you know you have an upcoming event, such as an open house, a h…


Add Images to Your Emails

Adding the Image to Your Email. To add an image to your email, select the Add Image button. From there, you can either select a previously uploaded image or stock image from your image library: Or yo…


Add Contacts to Your Email

To add contacts to receive your email, click the To button. Next, you’ll see a list of all eligible contacts on the left. You will only see contacts that have valid, deliverable email addresses. Ther…