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ICW - Initial Contact Wizard

The Initial Contact Wizard (ICW) is an automated email that will be sent to a new contact, in the NEW status, after 12 hours. If you respond to your new lead, be sure to change the status to something other than NEW if you don't want the automated ICW email to be sent to them.

Customizing the ICW Email

If you would like to customize the automated ICW email, you may do this by selecting Email Settings from the Account menu. Then click on Templates from the links on the left.

Scroll down to the Initial Contact Wizard template.  You can make your edits and save them there. If you decide to revert back to the default text, click the link that says view default ICW text here and copy and paste the text back in and save.

Default ICW Text

I wanted to touch base and see how your home search is going. Did you come across anything interesting? Our home alerts feature will let you know about homes for sale the same time I hear about them. Please let me know if you need help signing up for your targeted home alerts. My phone number and email are below if you need to get in touch. Have fun searching!

A website link to recommended listings based on their viewing history will be added to the email when sent.
Useful Tips
  • If you do not want to automated ICW email to go out, be sure to change the status of your contact to anything other than NEW; if the contact is in the NEW status, the email will go out after 12 hours.
  • Do not copy and paste text from Microsoft Word to form email. Microsoft Word does not adhere to common HTML standards, so copying and pasting formatted text from Word can cause unexpected results.
  • Using the Enter key to add a new line to your signature will result in "&#160" appearing instead of the symbol for a new line.  Typing Shift+Enter when you want a new line will prevent this from happening

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