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Send an Email

Click on the Mail Icon in the upper right corner of your system to be taken directly to your Inbox.

From the Inbox, select Compose Email.

To add contacts, click To.

You can add individual contacts or everyone. You can also sort or filter this list by group, contact status, name or email. Click Save & Continue when finished.

To have an email addressed to a specific contact, find the contact in your All Contacts list and click their name to open the Contact Summary Page. Then, click Send Email.

The contact’s primary email address will populate the To field.

You can insert contact details to give your email a more personal look and feel (these are also referred to as mail merge variables). For example, you can add the Contact First Name option, and it will add the contact's first name to the email.

To add contact details to your email, simply select the field from the drop-down menu.

To add an email address that doesn’t belong to a contact, type it in the To field and put a comma after the email address when done.

(warning) NOTE: If you've added contact details to your email, you will not be able to add email addresses that don't belong to a contact in your system.

Enter a Subject and compose your email. If you’ve saved Email Quick Text, you can use those here. To attach a file, click Attach File and select the file from your computer.

File size cannot exceed 10 MB. Total email message size, including attachment, cannot exceed 12MB.

You can include up to three showcase properties in the footer of your email or links to your social media profiles. Just mark the check box next to either or both!

Learn how to select your showcase properties or add your social media profile links to your account.

To send your email immediately, click Send Now.

Learn how to schedule an email for a future delivery date.

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