These are scripts to re-engage leads that have gone cold, fallen off your radar, or unsubscribed. When it comes to re-engagement, try to research your leads before reaching out. If you can, identify life events that may affect their timeline, budget, or motivation. We know not every lead will be easy to research, but when you can, it’s always recommended.

They've Gone Cold

They stopped visiting your website

(lightbulb) If they’re totally unresponsive, try sending this from another email account too.

Short & Sweet - Buyer

Short & Sweet - Seller

You Dropped the Ball - Buyer

You Dropped the Ball - Seller

Totally Cold or Unresponsive

If they Unsubscribed

Opt-in Email (with instructions for them to re-subscribe)

*This link will be your Market Leader website URL, with /mytools/#email-settings after the .com part. For example, if your website URL is, then you would make the link If the consumer is not logged into your website, it will ask them for their login and password here, so you may want to let them know to look for that email - just in case.

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