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My Account Settings

Customizing Your Account Settings

Customizing your personal account settings is an important first step in making sure your website, emails, and materials all have your correct contact information. You’ll be able to customize your contact information, create default photos and logos for marketing materials, and add social media buttons for consumers to easily connect with you.

Find your Settings by selecting My Account from the Account Menu.

Profile Information

Your settings consist of four sections:

  1. Profile Details
  2. Marketing
  3. Website
  4. Social Media Options

To edit your Profile information, click the Edit button at the top of the page.

To add or edit your profile photo and logo, select My Images in the left-side navigation menu.

Profile Details

To start with, you’ll want to review your Profile Details. Your profile details will be displayed on almost everything your customer sees, including your website, emails and marketing materials. So it’s very important you make sure all of your information in your profile is exactly the way you want it. 

Required Fields:

  • Display Name: Enter the display name as you want it to appear on your website, emails, marketing materials and campaign pieces.
  • Account Owner Name: This is the name on the account profile; this will default to the billing name
  • Login: Your login name for logging into your Market Leader Pro account.
  • Website: This is your Market Leader website and cannot be edited.
  • CRM Email: This is the email address that is used to communicate with your consumers. This cannot be edited.
  • External Email: An email address that can be used for password recovery. This needs to be a non-Market Leader email, such as a Yahoo! or Gmail address.

Optional Fields:

  • Title: Your title as an agent, such as Broker or Listing Specialist.
  • Designations: Any real estate designations that you are qualified to use.
  • License/DRE: Your real estate license number.
  • Phone Number: Enter an office phone number and/or mobile number.
  • Team Checkbox: If you are part of a team, then marking the Team checkbox will pluralize your system-generated emails (e.g. Welcome Email, Listing Alerts). Phrases like “my website” will become “our website”. 
  • Contact Methods: Choose what video chat options consumers can select on your website.

Marketing Settings

The information that you add or edit in Marketing will automatically be loaded onto any marketing pieces you create in your Marketing Center. Customizing these settings will save you loads of time when creating marketing materials.

  • Marketing Website: This field allows you to feature a different website than your Market Leader website on your marketing pieces. As a best practice, though, we recommend leaving this field blank to ensure your leads are staying active and engaged on your Market Leader website, so you can see their activity.
  • Marketing Address: This is the address that will populate your marketing designs.
  • Call to Action: A phrase, like “Call me today!” that invites your customers to respond.
  • Disclaimer: Populates at the bottom of each marketing piece.
  • Realtor and Equal Housing Logo: Click the appropriate check box to have the logos display on various marketing pieces.
  • Marketing and Reply To Email: Here you can edit the default email your clients see when they 'reply' to marketing emails sent from your system. This also allows you to get any replies delivered to your Gmail, Yahoo, or other account. 
If you use this option, responses will not be documented in your Market Leader system but you can add comments manually to the contact record for critical communications.


This section is for your bio, and while there is default content here, you should absolutely customize your bio content. The Full Bio will appear on your About page, and the Bio Summary will appear on specific Agent Card widgets that you add to your site. Learn more about widgets

To customize your bio, click the Edit button to get started. When you're finished, click Save.

Social Media

The next section on your Account Settings page is Social Media. Adding links to your social media profiles lets your consumers connect with you on a more personal level. When you add a link for your social media profile, an icon will be placed on your website About page, as well as in marketing materials and campaign pieces. When clicked, your consumers will be taken to your social media profile page.

To add an icon to link to one of your Social Media profiles, click the Add Social Media button.

Select the social media type from the drop down menu, then add the URL for your profile in the URL field.

When you're done, click Save. You can repeat until you've added all of your social media profile links.

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