Lead Intel

Hand Raises

What is a Hand Raise? Put simply, a Hand Raise means a response is needed. Hand Raise tasks are auto-generated when a contact reaches out to you. That could be a via email, sms, a 'request more info'…


To Do's

To Dos (formerly known as Reminders) are a great way to stay on track, and ensure nothing falls off your radar. You can create To Do's for yourself, and your system will also create To Do's for you,…


Recently Active Contacts

Active contacts are engaged contacts - whether it's a new lead or a returning contact - and being able to see what recently active contacts are looking at allows you to follow-up quickly with relevant content. Here you'll learn how you can find recently active contacts in your system, as well as tips and scripts for a stellar follow up.


Navigating Your Dashboard

When you log into your Market Leader system, the first section you see is your dashboard. It includes new contacts, upcoming reminders, recently active contacts, and the menu to navigate your system.…


Address Insights

When you get a new lead from Leads Direct, HouseValues, Network Boost, or your website, Market Leader will retrieve extra property data for that lead, if it’s available…

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