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  • Market Leader 101 - Working with Website Leads Tuesday, October 26 9:00 AM-10:00 AM
  • Market Leader 101 - Working with Seller Leads Tuesday, October 26 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
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  • Market Leader 101 - Customize Your Website Wednesday, October 27 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
  • Market Leader 101 - Working with Website Leads Thursday, October 28 9:00 AM-10:00 AM
  • Market Leader 101 - Working with Seller Leads Thursday, October 28 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

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Website Widgets

Widgets are prebuilt content blocks that you can add to your Home page and Custom pages to set yourself apart, showcase your expertise, and help consumers navigate your website. You can add widgets on their own, or you can add widgets to sections. Learn more about sections 

There are several different widgets you can add to your website, and different styles for each:

Agent Contact CardYour online business card; includes your contact info so visitors can easily engage with you.
Communities ServedShowcase your local knowledge and drive visitors to your community and neighborhood information.
Featured PropertiesDisplay featured properties on your website. Learn how to choose which properties are featured
Recent SalesChoose how your sold listings are displayed (if your MLS supports sold data)
Search PropertiesAdd property search bars on your website pages; choose a simple search, or a layout with additional filters.
TestimonialsShow off your chops and let consumers easily see your rave reviews.
Custom ContentUse this widget to add custom content that may not fit into another widget option. Sky is the limit!
ImagesAdd images to your website, and choose how and where the image is displayed. Learn more about Image Widgets

Here, you'll learn how to leverage website widgets to create a stunning website and an exceptional experience for consumers.

Add a Widget

To add a widget, first go in and Edit the page where you want the widget.

Next, click the +Widget link in the top right, and then select the widget you wish to add.

Then, once you've selected the widget you're adding, you can browse the different layouts and choose the one you like best or by clicking the right or left arrows to find the layout you want.

(info) Widget layouts that have a colored background will use the primary or secondary accent color you've selected. Learn how to select your colors

Edit a Widget

Once you add a widget to your site, you can edit the widget and choose a different widget layout, or delete it. To edit the widget, click the three dots to expand the widget menu, and then click on Edit. Here, you'll be able to browse the different layouts.

Move a Widget

You have total control where your widgets appear on your home page or custom page. To move a widget, hover your cursor near the top of the widget until you see the grey bar.

  • Drag and Drop: When your cursor turns into a tiny little glove (), you can click and drag the widget to where you want it.
  • Menu Move: Click on the three dots to expand the widget menu, then select Move Up or Move Down.

Image Widget

There are two different ways to add an image to your website: an image widget or a custom content widget (this does not apply to adding your profile photo, logo, and hero image). Adding an Image Widget allows you to directly find and upload an image to your website - no more hosting the image online!

First, add the image widget, then click Choose. Here you can choose from your profile images, stock images, or you can upload an image. To upload an image, click the Select File button. Then, find and select your image.

From here you can choose the width of your image. If you select less than 100%, you can also choose how the image is positioned - left, right, or center.

(info) We recommend setting the width to 100% to avoid extra, empty white space. When you select 100% width, the image will span the entire width of the website, and don't worry, we'll optimize it for you.

Next, you can add a headline and meta description for your image.

  • Headline: This will darken your image and add a white text overlay to headline the image.
  • Meta Description: This is great for SEO, and helps make your site meet accessibility requirements.

When you're finished, click Save.

(warning) When adding an image via the custom content widget, you will have to host the image online. Learn how

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