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Facebook Login and Contact Google Search

Facebook Login can be used by your leads to sign up on your Market Leader website. This will allow for quick registration, more reliable contact information, and better marketability for you on social media.

How it Works

A consumer will come onto your website and begin their property search. Your site will prompt them to sign up for a free account. They can either supply thier contact info, or simply click Sign in with Facebook for a quick and smooth registration. The consumer will have a chance to see what is being accessed before going forward. Notice that logging in with Facebook does not intrude on the consumers privacy or post on their behalf:

How does this help me as an Agent?


When consumers sign up/login using Facebook, you will see the icon on their name in your Dashboard. You can click on the icon to visit their Facebook page to learn more about where they live, what their interests are and how to get in touch with them.

Looking at the contact profile in your system, you can see that the Facebook profile photo is populated by their name. This will help you put a face to the name of your clients.

Contact Google Search

You may notice a Google icon under the contact name on your dashboard.  By clicking this icon, you will be taken to a Google search for that specific contact's first and last name.  This allows you to research your contact and find information about them that may help their real estate search, or may provide other ways for you to engage them.


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