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Hand Raises

What is a Hand Raise?

Put simply, a Hand Raise means a response is needed. Hand Raise tasks are auto-generated when a contact reaches out to you. That could be a via email, sms, a 'request more info' form, etc. Think of it like they are raising their hand for attention. Since these are highly engaged leads, you should prioritize responding to these leads before completing other follow-up tasks in your list.

Hand Raise

How is a Hand Raise created?

Hand Raises are auto-generated by the following events:

  • A contact sends you an email
  • A contact requests a CMA
  • A contact requests more information about a property
  • A contact clicks an open house "More Info" link
  • A contact sends you an SMS message
  • A contact calls your SMS number and the call is forwarded to your phone

Where do I see Hand Raises?

You'll see them right when you log in, in the To Do list on your Home Dashboard. You can even use the Type Filter to show Hand Raises only. This is fast way to see your urgent tasks for the day.

When you are ready to take action on your Hand Raises and To Do's, we recommend you click the "To Do" tab in the top navigation bar then click "To Do List".

This will show your full To Do list along with filter options (You can filter to Hand Raises only here as well). As you click through each To Do, the details for that contact will populate on the right, so you have context for your conversations.

Best Practices for Hand Raises

  1. Respond Fast. Leads value an agent who responds quickly. Even if you are busy or need time to do some research, send them a fast response to tell them you're working on it.
  2. Mark them Complete. Mark your To Do's & Hand Raises complete when you're done. This keeps your To Do list tidy and up-to-date, so you can easily tell when a new Hand Raise comes in. This also adds a record to your contact's Activity Feed, so you know when you completed the task
  3. Add a Note. Use the Add Note button to add details about what follow-up action you took, whether you spoke to the contact, and what you spoke about. Notes appear in the contact's Activity Feed, so you know when they happened. Ex Note: Called twice and left a voicemail on 2nd try. You can also use the "Other Wants and Needs" section in the Details tab to log personal information. Ex: Has a dog named Max.

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