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How to Schedule an Email

Scheduling an email allows you to compose an email now and schedule it to go out within the next 45 days. This is a great tool for when you know you have an upcoming event, such as an open house, a holiday or birthday greeting, or quick announcement. You can prepare your messaging while it is fresh in your mind, add your contacts, and schedule the email to go out just prior to the event.

Schedule an Email

Once you compose your email, click the Schedule button.

The date/time picker will open. Select your desired send dat and time, and then click Schedule to save.

Rescheduling a Scheduled Email

To change the send date and time of your scheduled email, navigate to the Messages tab and click the Scheduled folder to find the email you want to reschedule. In the Send On column, click the calendar icon to launch the date/time picker.

Select your new values, then click Schedule to save.

Unscheduling a Scheduled Email

Unscheduling removes the send date and time from your email and moves it to the Drafts folder. To unschedule an email, navigate to the Scheduled folder. Find the email you would like to edit and click the Unschedule button.

Now your email has been unscheduled and moved to your Drafts folder. From there you can click the Edit button to make changes, reschedule, or send right away

Editing a Scheduled Email

To edit the contents of a scheduled email, you must first unschedule it. This reduces the chance of sending the email while you are in the process of making changes. See instructions above for how to unschedule an email. Once your email has been unscheduled and moved to your Drafts folder, you can click the Edit button to make your changes.

Deleting a Scheduled Email

To delete a scheduled email, navigate to the Scheduled folder. Find the email you would like to delete and click the Delete button. Your email has been unscheduled and deleted permanently.

Click yes on the confirmation pop-up. If you take no action on the pop-up your email will still send as scheduled.

If you are sending time-sensitive material, it is a good idea to schedule your email to arrive at least a day or two in advance, to make sure your contacts receive and read email in time.

All About Send Time

Optimize Your Send Time

We analyzed the data and found that our agents’ highest open rates occur around 8am most days of the week. We've set the default send-time on the email scheduler for 7:30am so that your email lands in your client's inbox just in time for that prime-time morning email scroll. That's just a friendly suggestion though, you can tailor your send time to your client's schedule, base it on the content of the email, or strategically send around events, mealtimes, whatever. Check your email performance stats to see when your individual emails have the highest open and click rates and adjust from there.

Time Zones

The email scheduler uses the time zone selected in the Office Info section of your profile.

If you are working in a different time zone, the scheduler will still be using the time zone of your office. No need to do the mental math! If for some reason you enjoy doing math on vacation, then you can feel free to change your time zone setting at any time - just don't forget to change it back later!

Time Zone Troubles

In the scenario where you are physically in a different time zone from your office, things can get a little confusing. Your computer or browser may say one time, but the email scheduler is referencing your office time. This may be why you cannot select certain time slots in the time picker - they occur in the past in your office time zone. Ex: You and your computer are in Seattle and it is 8am there. Your office is in New York and it is 11am there. If you are scheduling an email for today, your time picker will have 8am-11am disabled because they occur in the past for NY.

Daylight Saving Time

Time zones adjust automatically for Daylight Saving Time (where applicable). That means that when the clocks change, your send times stay the same. Your 7am email will still send at 7am.

Time Restrictions

Emails must be scheduled a minimum of 30 minutes in the future. If you need to send an email sooner than that, you can unschedule your email, then send it right away in the drafts folder using the regular old Send button.

You can reschedule, unschedule, or delete a scheduled email up until 2 minutes before it is scheduled to send. After that, we can’t guarantee that your email won’t send anyway, so don’t cut it that close! 

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