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Customize Your Campaign

To edit a part of the campaign, you can click anywhere on that row to expand the section.

As you save each step, this campaign will be saved in My Saved Campaigns in an Inactive status. The campaign will not be active until you complete Section 4 and choose to Activate the campaign.
Screenshot of activate campaign button

Name Your Campaign

Select Section 1 to give your campaign a unique name that will make it easy for you to identify your campaigns and what the purpose of each one is. After you have given your campaign a name, click Save & Continue.

Screenshot of save and continue campaign option

Review and Configure

When you select Section 2, you’ll have the opportunity to review and edit each step of a pre-built campaign or add steps to your custom campaign.

It is always a best practice to review each piece in a campaign, even if you think you might not want to edit it. By taking the time to review each piece when you first set up your campaign, you can be confident that the information that you are sending to your contacts is exactly the way you want it.
A step is an individual marketing email, direct mail or activity reminder that has been added to your campaign.

There are three types of campaign steps that you can use:

  • Email steps - emails that will automatically send to your contacts
  • Activity steps - reminders that will prompt you to take action or send a personal message
  • Direct Mail steps - postcards that will be mailed to your contacts

At a quick glance you’ll be able to see the number of email steps, direct mail steps, and activity steps for this campaign.

Screenshot of campaign step types- email, direct mail, and activity

To edit the existing steps or add new steps, click anywhere on the row for Section 2.

If you are building a custom campaign, please see our help page on how to Add a Campaign Step for step-by-step instructions on how to complete this next section.

If you are using a pre-built campaign, you’ll be able to review each step, and edit if needed. Some campaigns will also allow you to add additional steps. Each campaign step will display:

  • Step number (ex. 1 of 8)
  • Step title
  • Step type (Email / Activity / Direct Mail )
  • Schedule
Screenshot of personalize button for campaign

Email Steps

An Email step will also have an Email Subject line. This will be the subject of the email when the piece is sent. Learn how to personalize your emails by adding contact details to your subject lines.

Screenshot of email subject line and personalize button for campaign step

Activity Steps

An Activity step will have a Subject as well as a Notes field.  This will appear as a “To Do” on your dashboard when this activity is due.

The Subject is so that you can quickly identify what this activity is for. For example, “Phone Call".

The Notes field allows you to enter details about the activity. You can use this to include scripts, meeting topics, or any other information that you may need for this activity.

Screenshot of campaign step. Where to personalize email subject and add notes for step

The information in the Notes field will be included when the system issues a reminder for this activity.

Direct Mail Steps

Direct Mail step will have the Price per Contact. This is how much it costs you to mail that particular direct mail marketing piece to a single contact that is on this campaign.  

To edit an email or direct mail piece, click the Personalize button. This will take you to the marketing design editor.

Screenshot of direct mail step pricing and personalize button
When you have saved your piece and returned to the campaign editor, you’ll see that the Personalize button now says Edit. Continue to the next piece you’d like to personalize.

After you have reviewed and edited each piece, click Save & Continue, found below the last step.

Screenshot of save and continue on direct mail step

Add or Remove Contacts

To add contacts to your campaign, click on Add or Remove Contacts

Screenshot of add or remove contacts step in campaign

The default view will be groups, to add an individual contact, click the contacts tab. Otherwise you can add groups to a campaign, then whenever you add a contact to a group that was added, they'll automatically be added to the campaign.

Screenshot of contacts button in campaign

The left column defaults to show all eligible contacts.  You can filter contacts by groupname or email, and by contact status. The right column shows contacts already added.  You can add individuals or all eligible contacts.  Be sure to click Save Changes when done.

Review and Activate

If you would like contacts to automatically begin a different campaign when this one finishes, select the desired campaign from the drop-down menu. The only campaigns that will appear in the drop-down menu are ones that you have already created and saved.

Screenshot of choice of campaign to automatically start after current one finishes

Your campaign is Inactive (will not start) until you review the disclaimer and mark the check box.

Screenshot of terms to approve before activating campaign

If you would like Showcase Properties included on each email piece, mark that check box as well. This will pull 3 of your featured listings to include in the footer of each campaign email. Learn more.

Screenshot of option to check off if you would like to showcase properties on campaign emails

When you mark the disclaimer check box, you’ll be able to activate the campaign immediately, by selecting the Activate Campaign button. Activating your campaign will automatically save it in My Saved Campaigns

Screenshot of Activate campaign button

To save the campaign to be started later, click the Save Campaign button.

Screenshot of Save Changes button

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