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Personalize Your Emails

Make each message you send your contacts feel like it’s just for them. You can now easily and efficiently personalize your messages using new fields that allow you to merge contact details directly into your emails (these are also referred to as mail merge variables). You can add a client’s name to a salutation or in the body or subject line of your email, or include their city when talking about a local area.

You can only use mail merge in regular emails sent from your Market Leader system. While you can use mail merge for campaign email subject lines, they will not work when used in the body of a campaign email.

Personalize Your Emails

To merge contact details directly into your email, first compose a message to your contacts. Click here to learn more about composing an email.

Once you've got your email message started, click the Merge drop-down menu to see what fields you can merge into your message.

Once you select the contact field you wish to add to your message, you will see it added to your email in brackets.  

For example, if you add the Contact First Name, then it will insert it into your email as {{Contact First Name}}. However, when your email is sent, it will appear as the recipient's first name.

When the system logs emails in your sent items, you will see the merge fields with brackets, not what the contact sees when they receive your email. If you see this, rest assured, the mail merge is working properly!

You can also add a salutation before the mail merge, such as "Hi" or "Dear", and you can add a comma after the mail merge as well.

Personalize Your Subject Lines

To add a mail merge variable to your subject lines, follow the steps above. Then simply copy the salutation AND brackets, and paste it into the subject line. When you send your email, it will insert the contact detail you have within the brackets.

You can also personalize the subject lines for your campaign emails too! Simply copy the mail merge from an email, and paste it into the subject lines in your campaign emails. Learn more.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • If you have a non-contact in the 'TO' line, you will not be able to merge contact details to your email.
  • You can merge contact details to any marketing email or one-off email from your system (these do not apply to campaign emails).
  • If you merge a contact detail field to an email, but that field is empty in the contact record, no data will show.
  • If you're using multiple merge fields (e.g. contact first name & contact last name), just be sure to add a space between them.

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