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Select Your Domain

Before completing setup of your Market Leader system, you’ll need to select a domain name. You’ll have a few different options when setting up your account. You’ll be able to select a new domain that will be registered as part of the setup process, or you can select to use a domain that you already own, or for some versions or products, you'll select a subdomain prefix to setup your account.

Please choose your domain name carefully to avoid any negative implications and a fee associated with changing your domain.

Select a Domain

As part of the registration process you’ll be able to select a domain to use with your Market Leader system. Tips to select a domain:

  • DO: Select a domain that people are likely to click on. So if you have a catchy brand, name, or can use a commonly searched for area or word, such as “homes”, “real estate”, or “properties”, your domain will perform better. 
  • DON’T: Select domains that people would have a hard time spelling.  Also, “keyword stuffing” is bad.  Don’t just string together keywords—Google will not reward you and it will not look professional to your client.  Example of keyword stuffing (don’t do this): “”

During your account setup, the third action you’ll need to take is on the Account Setup page. By default, you’ll be on the Choose My Domain tab.

If your MLS requires you to own your domain, please skip ahead to the Use My Domain section.

A few other tips on selecting your domain:

  • Your domain must not exceed 35 characters, including the .com (however the shorter, the better)
  • You do not need to include “www”.
  • It is best to use a “.com” or “.net” domain, as search engines place the most value in these types of domains.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a domain you like for your geographical area, try being a little more specific by adding a state name or abbreviation.
  • The only punctuation allowed in a domain name is a dash or hyphen.

Please note, the following words cannot be included in your domain name:

  • MLS
  • Realtor
  • Sun City
  • HouseValues
  • JustListed

To select a domain, you’ll enter the domain name that you want to use in the enter domain name field. If you want a different suffix than “.com”, you can select one from the drop down menu. Then click Find and our system will check on the availability of the domain name you selected.

If the domain you chose is available, you’ll see a green “is available” statement. Click Register Domain to finish choosing your domain.

If the domain you select isn’t available, then the system will provide you with a list of similar domains that are available. You can select one of these by clicking the radio button next to the domain and clicking Select Domain.

If you want to search for a different domain name, then enter it in the domain name field and click Find again.

When you’ve registered a domain that you like, you’ll then be prompted to enter an email prefix. The email prefix is what comes before the “@” in your email address. This will be unique to you and your website.

You’ll enter the email prefix in the field provided and then click Finish Setup.

Only one email address per domain name is allowed.

Use Your Own Domain

Some agents prefer to use a domain that they already own to setup their Market Leader website. There are a few steps to complete before you can use your own domain. Once you’ve finished these steps, then you can return to the setup page.

Things to Consider

If you decide to use a domain that you already own there are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have any email addresses that you are using with this domain?

If you have an email address associated with the domain you want to use, then we strongly recommend using a different domain, as using it with your Market Leader system will affect your email functionality.

  • Is this domain currently forwarding or pointed to another website?

If the answer is yes, then when you update the settings for your domain the Market Leader website will replace whatever website that is currently being displayed. If this is a problem, then we would recommend using a different domain.

Change Your DNS Settings

If you still want to use your own domain, then the next step is to update the Domain Name Servers (DNS) settings. The DNS settings are what allow us to host your website and email for your domain.

To update your DNS settings, you will need to log into your domain registrar and review their help menu on how to change DNS settings.

What is a domain registrar? This is the company that you purchased your domain from.

There will be two DNS settings:


Once you’ve made the necessary changes, it can take anywhere from 24-48 hours for the change to take effect. Your domain will be unavailable during this time.

Finish Setup

Once the DNS change has fully processed, you’ll be able to complete the setup of your Market Leader system. Return to the Complete Site Setup page and select the Use My Domain tab.

Enter your domain in the enter domain field. Then, select an email prefix to be used with your domain. The email prefix is what comes before the “@” in your email address. This will be unique to you and your website.

Only one email address per domain name is allowed.

When you’re done, click Finish Setup.

Select a Subdomain Prefix

If you have a specific version or product that uses a subdomain (rather than a normal top-level domain), then you'll just be picking the prefix for your subdomain, A subdomain typically has a "root" domain, then the prefix you choose will complete the subdomain.

Your subdomain prefix will also be your Market Leader email prefix.

For example, if the root domain is, and the prefix you choose is Jane Smith, then your subdomain will be and your Market Leader email address will be

When selecting your subdomain prefix, try to select one of these three areas, or a combination of two:

  • Your Name (e.g. JaneSmith)
  • Where do you work (keep this a little vague, as you don't want to be overly specific when it comes to geography)
  • What do you do (e.g. sell homes, real estate, realty, etc.)
  • A combination of two, for example:
    • JaneSmithRealty
    • JaneSellsSeattle
    • SeattleHomesbyJane
    • SeattleProperties

To select your subdomain prefix, enter it into the space provided. The email prefix will automatically populate when you enter the desired subdomain prefix. Then click Finish Setup.

Helpful Tips:

  • Select a domain name that people are likely to click on (whether it’s a name relevant to your geographical area, real estate related, or if you have a well-known personal brand).
  • If you’re using your own domain, use one that doesn’t have email associated with it
  • Make sure you select a domain or subdomain prefix that isn't too narrow - You want it to stay relevant as your business grows

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