Showcase Properties With a Single Property Website

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The Showcase Properties feature allows you to spotlight specific properties. With this feature you’ll be able to provide extra exposure to specific properties to increase their visibility for prospective buyers. This is another tool you can leverage in your listing appointments as you share your unique marketing plan.

The listings you can showcase pull from your Agent MLS ID or Office MLS ID in your Market Leader system. You can also showcase listings that are not in your MLS by creating a Custom Showcase Property.

To get started, hover over the Listings tab and select Market My Listings from the menu.

Locate the listing you would like to create the single property website for. You can choose from your own MLS listings, or custom properties you've added (you cannot create a single property website for your office listings).

Next, click the Create Single Property Website box.

To view your single property website, click the View link. Simply copy the URL for the single property website to share with your sphere.

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