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Getting Started Email Series

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Email 1: What to do with New Leads

Goal: Respond to 100% of new leads within 5 minutes

When you get a new lead:

You will be alerted via text, email, and an in-system To Do. Your lead will get an automated email introducing you.

Action to take: Login right away to review the lead's details, then call or text your lead to introduce yourself and ask questions about their home search. No answer? leave a voicemail after the 2nd call. No phone number? Email them a few listings and ask what they like or dislike about them.

Goal: Come from a place of service and begin building a relationship.

Pro Tip: After you reach out to your new lead, "mark complete" the To Do and add a note, so you have a record in your contact's activity feed.

Then What?

Keep the lead engaged. Your Market Leader system will be your co-pilot in nurturing your new leads and driving them back to your website, but make sure you sprinkle in some personal outreach as well.

Email 2: What to Look for in Your System

Goal: Respond to 100% of Hand Raises

As you personally reach out to new leads, lead nurture automation also engages them and drives them back to your Market Leader website. Your system tracks their search behaviors and alerts you about follow- up opportunities.

You can use this lead intel to prioritize your follow-up and build better connections with your leads.

Pro Tip: Make sure your MLS is approved, so leads can browse properties on your website and lead intel can capture valuable insights
Intel to look for in your system:

Hand Raises. Generated when a lead reaches out or requests info, this is our way of telling you you have an engaged lead who needs immediate attention. Impress them with a lightning fast response!

To Do's. Generated when you get a new lead or a lead takes meaningful action on your website, These are our recommended follow- up tasks.

30- Day Activity Feed. See everything your leads have been up to, and decide for yourself who is heating up and needs your attention.

Pro Tip: Mark your To Do's & Hand Raises complete when you're done, so you have a record and a tidy To Do list.

Email 3: The 4 Rules of Lead Follow Up

Goal: Spend 2+ hours a day on follow-up

Leads don't always respond right away, but you should! Impress them with your responsiveness and your consistent outreach. Here are proven best practices to convert more leads.

Respond Fast. You are 100x more likely to contact a new lead if you reach out within the first 5 minutes.

When you get a new lead text alert, login right away to call/text/email them. You may catch them while they're still browsing.

Respond Every Time. Approximately 60% of leads don't get followed up on at all.

Reach out to new leads right away to offer your assistance. Check for Hand Raises (aka engaged leads) everyday and respond to them ASAP.

Keep Following-Up. On average it takes 5-12 touches before a lead responds.

Be persistent, but not pushy. Lead nurture automation will ask questions via email, but you should be reaching out via phone and text to offer help and build trust. Take notes on every contact.

Stay in Touch Long Term. Agents lose 14% of their customers a year! The biggest reason? Not keeping in touch.

If a lead is still unresponsive after 2 weeks of follow- up, change their status to cold and add them to a relevant drip campaign. They'll know who to reach out to when they're ready.

Email 4: Stay in touch Success Stories

Goal: Reach Out to 75% of Your Database Monthly

Top agents say it takes 20-30 touches a year to stay top of mind with their contacts. Your Market Leader system can help with that.

Monthly Newsletter - We write an email newsletter for you every month, covering market updates, home advice, etc. Your new leads are automatically enrolled, but it’s up to you to add your past clients and other contacts.

Campaigns - Set it and forget it! We have an impressive library of pre- built drip campaigns for you use as-is or customize. Stay in touch with holiday greetings, home care advice, buyer & seller tips, and more.

Stay-in-touch Success Stories:

"A HouseVales leads from two years ago reached out to me as a direct result of a recent monthly newsletter, and I listed their home this month."

-Thomas G, Seattle, WA

"A lead from three years ago called me and said I have stayed in contact with him like no other real estate agent. I was able to help his son find a home and closed a $400,000 cash deal within two months."

-Mark K, Roseville, CA

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